WrapUP! – Photos from 2018


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This year, 2018, we have been quite busy. Smokinya Foundation was sending people to many courses and in countries like: Lichtenstein, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece etc.
This year we aim at sending 80 people to different course by the end of 2018. Currently we have 67 and our goal is almost reached.

The outcomes are also that we have managed to raise 800 EUR in donations to support our work and activities, and Smokinya Foundation has supported 23 people in participating and investing over 350 EUR.
We are grateful for the trust, commitment and active participation to all our participants!
Also without you, our work wouldn’t be possible! Thank you for the support!

Below you can enjoy some photos from our participants, and in the testimonial section you may read more what people learned, what inspired them, what was useful to them, what attracted them to participate and much more deep and interesting sharings.

Here are some quick links to the past projects from 2018 (yet, more are coming before the end of the year 2018).
Dare to be You!
Involved – Empathic communication – Ukraine
Involved – Empathic communication – Czech Rep
ACT!ON – the Netherlands
Connection through adventure – the Netherlands
Communication for youth – the Netherlands
Greenovation – Greece
SOS Solutions – Hungary
Symposium – Greece
Core of Leadership – Lichtenstein

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These projects were financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth educational mobility.



WrapUP! – Photos from 2018