Heuristic Training and Coaching

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Smokinya Foundation’s team invites your organisation on a journey of excellence.

Our capacities and skills allow us to successfully facilitate the learning process of individuals and teams.
We have a rich variety of methods to explore, distinct and recognize existing resources and discover possible limitations in your environment. In the second case we see that as an opportunity to experiment, learn and grow.

It is a learning path to new competences and insights, combining knowledge, skills and attitudes towards producing long-term excellence and reaching desired outcomes.
Let’s connect to deeper inner resources of entrepreneurship, creativity and spontaneity!

From the grounds of supporting individuals,teams and organisations towards a world that works for everyone, we provide several services:

– Coaching
– Team excellence building
– Skills-building trainings
– Personal and organisational development programs

The tools we use to provide you with a personalized coaching or training that will bring you closer to your desired outcomes and dreams are:

– Heuristic coaching (systemic approach and organisational constellations; somatic coaching; NLP coaching)
– Facilitated experiential learning
– Fact wise assessment

We believe in the potential owned by individuals and teams who constitute an organisation.
What we offer is a journey of exploration and training lasting habits towards full potential and capacities.

We will support you to create more successes in your organisation by:

– Illuminating hidden potentials and dynamics in your organisational systems
– Creating awareness, recognizing and letting go of limiting patterns
– Taking action and creating desired results
– Seeing opportunities rather than limitations
– Enhancing creativity and spontaneity
– Providing you with tailor-made programs and tools as well follow-up

Seems, sounds and feels appealing?

Contact us so we can study together your circumstances and build a great program for you