Competendo – MitOst
The COMPETENDO handbooks for facilitators can be accessed as PDFs and hard copies. Please also find below other inspiring practices and impulses from all over the world, mostly in English-language. The library will be updated regularly. Send us your proposal.

A TOOLKIT for Soft Skills Development for Young People

B.T.T. – Basic Training for Trainers – Methods and tools
This booklet contains exercises which were created by the trainers, facilitators and participants of the B.T.T. – Basic Training for Trainers.
Website of the organizers:

Body&soul tools for youth workers
This booklet contains exercises which were created by the trainers, facilitators and participants of the Expanding Routes project. We publish them to support even more youth workers to create meaningful learning experiences for the people they work with. You can find a big variety in the coming pages – we deliberately included activities for bigger and smaller groups, outdoors and indoors, for younger and older audiences. What connects them is that they all include movement to a certain extent and they combine learning through experience and reflection. In addition to this booklet there is a shorter edit as a A little notebook with great ideas – to inspire youth workers. Click here to learn more about this past project.

SALTO European training calendar
The main focus of the European Training Calendar is the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. All training activities in the Calendar should be European (or international), not-for-profit and directed to youth workers wishing to develop their competences to further work with and for young people, to share experiences and, on occasion, to make contacts for common future projects. Besides, the calendar can also publish calls for projects in which youth workers will meet other target groups such as youth policy makers, adult learning organisers, among others, in order to learn from each other.

SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres
SALTO-YOUTH stands for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme, the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Toolbox — For Training and Youth Work
Hundreds of useful tools for learning – for youth work and training activities!
Created to help you find and share useful training Tools, the Toolbox for training is an online catalogue you can browse through freely or even contribute to!

OTLAS – The Partner-Finding Tool
Finding partners for international projects has never been easier.
Do you want to find new contacts in the world, send a volunteer abroad or find the missing partner for your project? No matter where your interests lie, you will find what you are looking for in Otlas.

SALTO Tools Portal
Tools for Learning magazine

The Beer Game Production-Distribution Exercise
This page provides support to run sessions of the beer game production-distribution exercise (particularly large sessions). The beer game exercise is a simulation of a production-distribution system for a consumer product. The exercise demonstrates the impact of system structure on human performance in a complex process, and it provides a vivid example to introduce systems concepts.

facilitation toolbox
The Facilitation Toolkit is about facilitation in online environments and their outcomes. Specifically, in studying facilitation techniques that engender change or evidence of learning, and how those facilitation techniques can be used in a variety of different online environments.