Smokinya Foundation contributes in creating a world that works for everyone.
In our core we act out of love, care and cooperation.

Smokinya Foundation serves as a learning platform for individuals who are ready to commit to their own learning and development needs. We create opportunities and provide space for people to learn, contribute and grow by participation, volunteering and project leadership.

Our approach is heuristic – a method for empowering a person to discover or learn something for themselves. Smokinya provides an alternative context of learning – experiential, ‘hands-on’ or learning by doing.

Smokinya Foundation realizes its vision and values through youth work. Youth work for us is providing contexts and playground for exploration and discovery of the inner spirit of youth that individuals, groups and organizations posses. From this point many outcomes are possible on different levels and in different areas.

Our next milestone is creating and managing a youth-run training and volunteering centre by 2021.
A place to learn, contribute and grow.

We learn and train for life.


Smokinya was a name of a blog for popularising educational mobility since 2013, then an informal group appeared in 2014 as an inspiration to give back and create opportunities for young people to participate in quality youth projects within Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programmes of EC. It was initiated by Tihomir Georgiev – EVS volunteer at the time on his way in joining the non-profit sector, the non-formal education field and becoming a youth worker.
With time, effort proved to worth. Smokinya informal group partnered with organisations from the informal International Synergy Group in several Erasmus+ projects.

Contacts, connections and inspiration to continue and expand were growing. The emerging foundation can also be regarded as a result of empowerment by the Synergy network. In 2016 Smokinya Foundation was founded by Tihomir, Denitsa and Detelina as a mutual agreement and commitment to the shared vision of the Synergy network for creating a world that works for everyone out of love care and cooperation.
Legally Smokinya Foundation has a decision-making Board of 3 and is represented by its Director, who reports to the Board.

In the process many people contributed in different ways proving that common passion and commitment can be contagious. Smokinya Foundation was given a corner for office needs in Ideas Factory’s space. Contributors and volunteers created Smokinya’s logo design and website (mostly in English since we work in an international network). And many more supported the process directly and indirectly sharing our inspiration, adventure and giving us advise and meaning.
More than 400 young people trusted us, traveled, participated and learned in more than 85 projects in more than 18 countries so far.

Who do we work with?
We work with those who recognize and acknowledge that formal educational system provides a lot, yet misses flexibility and adaptation according to the dynamic world changes in communication, technology and learning.
Teachers, trainers, coaches, educators, youth workers, volunteers and active young people need an alternative of structured out-of-school learning. That is non-formal education,experiential learning where the focus is on the learner. In Smokinya Foundation we also call it ‘heuristic approach’.
We provide that alternative for those who have the need to grow even further. Through our target group the beneficiaries of our work are youth and adults who fall in the blind spot of the formal educational system and yet have great potentials.
Developing new competences in those involved, we impact those in need.

Smokinya Foundation is an organisation in public benefit.
Smokinya Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organisation.
Smokinya Foundation is an equal opportunity organisation and does NOT discriminate on any basis.

Join us and get involved or find out what others say about our programs.


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