Become a Smokinya Intern!
Get your valuable international experience in Plovdiv!

At Smokinya Foundation we work in an international community, support each other and promote educational mobility in EU and worldwide.

We have had more than 33 interns and volunteers from Bulgaria, Spain, France, Latvia, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Austria, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, Poland.

We are stationed in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and we provide opportunities to develop important contemporary competences like: entrepreneurship, coaching, cooperation, critical thinking, leadership, goal setting, communication skills, some tech stuff, creative problem solving, environmentalism and sustainability, and much more!

Our alumni reports significantly developed areas of professional and personal confidence, adaptability, and employability skills and competences!

What better way to gain experience, develop competences and become more competitive on the job market?

In Smokinya you will get:


  • Age – 17 – 28 years old
  • English level – A1 or higher
  • Desire to learn in the international environment
  • Willingness to develop new competences
  • Openness to new ideas and challenges

How does it work?
We have on-boarding and training process. 
A mentor will be assigned to support you on the job, but also in your personal goals.
Be on time, participate actively and develop and master crucial life skills and competencies like: team work, cooperation, learning to learn, time management, communication and coaching skills, project initiation from A to Z and much more!

You will be assigned in an area where we need help, and also matches your interests like:

  • administrative support (routine everyday work in the office)
  • field work: development of activities, projects, events, school visits, coordination)
  • help us with an English-Bulgarian translation
  • help with social media
  • support us during our events
  • fundraising
  • partnerships

Join us in 3 Steps

1.Fill in the form

2. Go through our Selection Process

After you fill the form, you will be contacted and get to know what are the next steps to become a member of Smokinya team.

3. Welcome Onboard!

If you are successful in the selection process, you will then be welcomed into our team, receive an induction, and start a new role as a team member. Your leadership development experience starts now!

This internship is NOT paid. We do NOT provide accommodation, nor food.
Preferably, people from Plovdiv have priority, due to ease of working in person.
Right now we do not have remote opportunities.

Are you ready? Fill in the form