Youth Education


Here at smokinya Foundation we are glad to have built a team of people focused and decided to the idea of creating a better and more meaningful space for the youth population. Our expertise lies in the Volunteering Abroad & Locally, Youth exchange, Training Courses, Community Projects & Internships.
Perhaps you are aware there are European Commission which funds hundreds of youth exchange, training courses and so on each year. This is a great opportunity for youth people between the age of 18 – 26 to explore an alternative way of gaining knowledge and variable experience. If you haven’t than this might be a good time to check the links below with information on some of our previously funded projects.

On the other hand, we are also interested in exploring our new home Plovdiv. Here we see potential, unexplored ideas and we’d like to be part of the driving force in creating events, gatherings, community projects and so on. We are still focused on the youth population, however, if someone wants to join and bring back to the society they are more then welcome to get in touch. With this said, here we have an opportunity to become part of the Smokinya team as an intern. This can be a way for you to explore what is an NGO and its’ functions.

At this link you can find out what would you be doing and gaining if you were to an intern for Smokinya Foundation. In case some questions arise, please get in touch with us to discuss and answer your questions.

Are you ready? Contact us now!

Фондация “Смокиня” е акредирирана със Знак за качество от ЦРЧР за осъществяването на проекти по програма Европейски корпус за солидарност.

Фондация “Смокиня” е акредирирана от ЦРЧР за осъществяването на проекти по програма Еразъм.