Experts pool

Smokinya Foundation is part of an international network (a.k.a. International Synergy Group) – informal network of non-profits from all over Europe and countries neighbouring Europe. The organisations in the network share a common vision of creating a world that works for everyone out of love care and cooperation.
In an effort to popularize our work and methodologies we create a common pool of trainers – people who have expertise in different areas of training and education, organisational development and management, personal development, coaching, youth work, volunteering, media and art, project design and management.

TIHOMIR is a freelance trainer, coach and experiential learning expert. Driven by passion, care and quality in his work and life.
Tihomir’s passion is learning, development and support of people who want to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. Key methods that he uses: training, coaching, mentoring; experiential learning focused on learners needs, NLP, coaching, hypnosis, systemic work and constellations, mind-body work, outdoor, non-formal education. Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach by Robert Dilts. He is part of trainer pools and international networks. What supports him is integrity, connection and joyful atmosphere.
Tihomir Georgiev trainer profile on SALTO

Tihomir Georgiev | Bulgaria

ANNA is a trainer, designer and co-founder of ReCreativity social enterprise. She is an expert in the field of social entrepreneurship and creative recycling. Anna is professional trainer for 6 years now and is certified NLP Master Practitioner by Richard Bandler.
She uses the methods of creative recycling and experiential learning in the fields of: social entrepreneurship, personal development, communication skills, sustainability, education, coaching, mentoring.
Anna Sipos trainer profile on SALTO

Anna Sipos | Hungary

KRISZTINA is an NGO development and non-formal education expert, youth worker, EFL teacher and project designer. She has more than 26 years of field experience in non-formal learning, youth work and volunteering, 21 years of competence development and coaching of young people, their grass-root initiatives, as well as volunteers and professionals working with youth. Member of the trainers’ pool of the Hungarian National Agency of the YiA for 11 years. Krisztina is a Mental Health Expert, Qualified Business Coach and NLP Master Practicioner. Krisztina is team supervisor, providing coaching and consultations on demand, especially for the preparation, follow-up and dissemination phases in Smokinya Foundation.

Krisztina Gyory | Hungary

PETYA is an international trainer with 6 years of experience in non-formal education. Her specialties are critical and analytical thinking, environmentalism, social advertisement, civic society and social entrepreneurship. Her recent passion is non-verbal communication in horsemanship practices. She has degree in Philosophy and Sociology, Marketing and Advertisement, Semiotic and Linguistic. Petya has PhD in New Media Art Critique and is trainer and project designer in Smokinya Foundation.

Petya Chalakova | Bulgaria

PANAGIOTIS is a digital native and a devoted change-maker who likes media and being focused on the integration of the new media with youth work. Practised several fields in life; come up with these core competencies: Training-Facilitation, Youth Work, Coaching, Event Management, Social Media Consultancy & Filmmaking. Believes that the new technologies are not evil but a tool for progression. Works with the vision to leave a better world behind him. Panagiotis is a trainer in Smokinya Foundation.

Panagiotis Mamouzakis | Greece

LUCIE has been involved in improvisational theatre groups for over 6 years, trained by professional improvisers from various countries, e.g. Andrew Hefler (US), Lee White (CA), Omar Galvan (ARG) and attended Impro Master Classes with Keith Johnstone in Berlin and Denmark. Lucie is trainer in Smokinya Foundation.

Lucie Vokrouhlikova | Czech Republic

GERGO is a trainer and facilitator in both business and youth sectors. His special fields are improvisation, creativity, entrepreneurial mindset, and interpersonal communication. He is a member of Grund Theater in Budapest. Gergo is a trainer and project designer in Smokinya Foundation.
Gergo Kiss trainer profile on SALTO

Gergo Kiss | Hungary

MARIETTA is professional project manager and project designer with international experience and background in international relations and affairs and American studies. Marietta is a project designer in Smokinya Foundation.

Marietta Balazs | Hungary

JORDAN is a learning facilitator who loves creating and facilitating experiential learning programs for groups of people. His mission is to provide contexts where meaningful learnings can happen and meaningful connections can be created. To provide this contexts he uses body expression & movement practices, challenge-based learning, game-based learning and a participatory leadership approach. He is focused on NVC, Contact Improvisation and Body Work at the moment. Jordan is a project designer in Smokinya Foundation.
Jordan Herreros trainer profile on SALTO

Jordan Herreros | Spain

AFONSO is a nomad educator: his work as non-formal educator or trainer has taken place in different continents (Europe and Africa), in different countries, with participants coming from all parts of the world.
By combining the knowledge and tools of this research with his non-formal approach developed his own methodology called Embodied Coaching, which he has implemented in several working formats. Through this methodology and its activities he leads participants to experience and question themselves about their relationship with their bodies and themselves on a nonverbal level.
Afonso Bertolo trainer profile on SALTO

Afonso Bertolo | Portugal

ESZTER is a dreamer and creator – she has the wildest project ideas and then as a result people suddenly find themselves in the middle of the desert reflecting on their personal development. She started to work in the field of non-formal education in 2004, and she is a personal development trainer since 2008.
Creative movement techniques and contemporary dance are her passion which she has been connecting with personal development.
Eszter Koranyi trainer profile on SALTO

Eszter Koranyi | Hungary / Israel

MIRJANA is a teacher by profession, and a non-formal education trainer and an educator by calling. She’s also a linguist and a polyglot with a firm belief that life is no more than a set of stories.
Her work in education consists in inspiring people to create newer, better stories for themselves. She’s an expert in project writing and management, while keeping the use of language as her speciality, she mentored numerous NGOs worldwide to put their goals into projects and create growth in their communities. The techniques she uses as a youth worker are based on a wide variety of non-formal and formal education tools, strongly based on language acquisition tools and playfulness as a pre-condition for any type of learning.

Mirjana Kovacevic | UK / Croatia