Connection through Adventure – Youth exchange in the Netherlands


1-2 June 2018, APV (Advanced Planning Visit) – 1 leader + 1 participant
2-8 July 2018, Youth exchange, 1 leader + 4 participants
5 places open for Bulgarians

Connection through Adventure, international youth exchange in the Netherlands on outdoor tools and methods
1-2 June 2018, APV
2-8 July 2018, YE
Nunspeet, the Netherlands
Participating countries: the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Romania
Deadline for applications: 16 May, 2018

ВАЖНО! Първо прочетете наръчника за успешно кандидатстване.

Buitendoor organizes outdoor and training programs aimed on improving the atmosphere and cooperation within a group. We do this on order to create a world in which humans and nature can optimally exist and develop. In order to achieve this we have developed our own method of working with youth: Connection through Adventure. Using adventures and experiential education to improve cooperation and facilitate personal development.

Goal of the exchange
Share adventures, share ways of using adventures, experience adventures together. Outdoor adventure, the adventure of mixed cultures and the adventure of being in nature with 40 others.
The goal of this project is to share ways of turning adventures into meaningful lessons in life. Participants
8 countries participate in this exchange project. Each country will send 5 participants (including 1 group leader) to the program. The Dutch group from Buitendoor will host everyone on our campsite.

All activities are designed by the following methods:
– Experiential learning
– Workshops
– Discussions and debates
– Personal coaching and reflection sessions

Read more details in the infopack.

Important! Read carefully the info letter, it contains important details.
This is educational mobility funded by Erasmus+ programme.
That requires commitment. You will be asked to organise a follow-up activity after the program.
The program is intensive and challenging.
The program does NOT include cultural and touristic sightseeing.
Get to know all provided information in the info letter before you submit your application form.
Apply only when you know you want to participate and you have the dates of the training available.
General applications are disregarded.

You may want to read some of the testimonials from previous projects related to personal development, communications skills, leadership, creativity, employability and outdoors. Click on the following link:

More information: Info letter

This project is funded by Erasmus+ programme: accommodation, food, materials, the programme and the travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount are fully covered.

Maximum travel reimbursement for Bulgarians: 275 EUR per person.
Participation contribution to the project cost requested: no.

Smokinya Foundation operates thanks to hundreds of volunteering hours per month and donations.
We ask a contribution of 16 EUR (30 leva) from all confirmed applicants. That amount covers some of our administrative and organisational expenses. This amount is NON-REIMBURSABLE.

Apply by filling in the form: Application form.
Deadline for applications: 16 May, 2018

Website of the organizer: Buitendoor

Should you have a question, contact us:

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This training course/youth exchange is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth educational mobility.



Connection through Adventure – Youth exchange in the Netherlands