Dare to be You! – Learning program in Czech Republic


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3-14 October, Czech Republic
5 places open for Bulgarians

Dare to be You!, International experiential youth learning program in the Czech Republic
3-14 October (including travel days)
Adamov, Czech Republic
Participating countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia
Deadline for applications: August 5, 2018

ВАЖНО! Първо прочетете наръчника за успешно кандидатстване.

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This is an intense learning program that will require all your focus and participation. In our network and with our partners we do not talk ABOUT things, rather we actively DO activities. Then we reflect, learn, test, apply.

Do you dare to be vulnerable?
Do you dare to re-discover who you really are?
Do you dare to show the real you behind all the curtains?
Do you dare to enjoy your uniqueness together with others?
Do you dare to take the step?
Do you Dare to be You?

DARE TO BE YOU! is a ten-day youth programme that offers you space to explore your uniqueness and your own identity, space to grow it, to gain trust in it, and to celebrate it, daring to show who you are.
It is for those who want to take a next step and get rid of patterns and roles that are not working, creating freedom of their own expression.
Beside that you will also have space to practice your skills of leadership, creativity, imagination, communication, cooperation, planning and organization.

This programme is for you if:
– you are officially resident of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria or Italy
– you are 18 – 30 years old
– you are able to work in English
– you are highly motivated and willing to actively participate during an intensive 8-10 hours daily programme full of experiences, throughout the whole project
– you are willing to live, learn, play, reflect, experiment and explore in a multicultural group
– you resonate with the previous statements

Priority in this programme is given to youth challenged by having educational difficulties, unemployment or economical instability, feel isolated coming from a remote area or being a minority of ethnicity, migration, sexuality, or any other, or you are challenged by other people around you (judgements and actions from the side of family, peers, bullies, partner, etc.)

Read more details in the infopack.

Important! Read carefully the info letter, it contains important details.
This is educational mobility funded by Erasmus+ programme.
That requires commitment. You will be asked to organise a follow-up activity after the program.
The program is intensive and challenging.
The program does NOT include cultural and touristic sightseeing.
Get to know all provided information in the info letter before you submit your application form.
Apply only when you know you want to participate and you have the dates of the training available.
General applications are disregarded.

Want to learn about the benefits of our courses? Click here: https://smokinya.com/about/testimonials/

More information: Info letter

This project is funded by Erasmus+ programme: accommodation, food, materials, the programme and the travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount are fully covered.

Maximum travel reimbursement for Bulgarians: 275 EUR per person.
Participation contribution to the project cost requested: 50 EUR paid in cash upon arrival at registration in place.

Smokinya Foundation operates thanks to hundreds of volunteering hours per month and donations.
We ask a contribution of 16 EUR (30 leva) from all confirmed applicants. That amount covers some of our administrative and organisational expenses. This amount is NON-REIMBURSABLE.

Apply by filling in the form: The application form link is in the Info pack.
Deadline for applications: August 5, 2018

Website of the organizer: Brno Connected

Should you have a question, contact us: info@smokinya.com.

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This youth program is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth educational mobility.



Dare to be You! – Learning program in Czech Republic