”Ultimately advanced training for trainers” – Training Course | Memories

🤗 Hello everyone,
this post is dedicated for our memories of the Training Course ”Ultimately advanced training for trainers”, that gathered 36 trainers in Plovdiv between 7 – 14 November 2023.
Find out more of what was captured during the project in our Youtube channel!

Day 1

The Training Course has officially begun. 🥳

To kick things off, an exchange of ideas led to the conclusion that training is a recurring activity in various contexts. What sets this one apart as advanced? It’s about being real, coherent, and applicable to each person’s personal experience.

Additionally, the learning approach called Heutagogy was introduced. But what is Heutagogy? It’s a learner-cantered environment that supports learners in achieving their own learning goals, emphasizing the development of autonomy, capacity, and capability. 📚

Following this, participants embraced the concept of ‘challenge by choice’ by engaging in practical tasks and then reflecting on their performance.

🧠 It was an intense day filled with new questions, fresh insights, and upcoming challenges for the participants. 💪

Day 2

The second day has officially started.

Our big group of trainers will deliver 5 different workshops in 5 different locations in Plovdiv in the next days.

On the second day of the training course “Ultimately Advanced Training of Trainers” our trainers went through interesting key concepts as: vulnerability, justification, games and standards. 💬

Together with this, practiced their awareness, accountability, and development of their own methodology.

A day full of new questions and insights. Participants explored their personal limits and the price of change.

Authenticity vs. being right – uncover persistent complaints, behaviours, and payoffs.
Embrace the beauty of authenticity: say NO, be real, and let go of the racket.

Day 3

The third day of the training course “Ultimately Advanced Training of Trainers” took exciting turn as participants are taking over the lead.

For our group of trainers, crafting plans for the five educational events set to happen in various locations across Plovdiv this Sunday, was not enough.

To dive deeper, more topics were explored:
💡 “How do I choose the workshop topic?”; “Which educational style should I embrace?”; “Is it adaptable to different contexts?” and
“Am I making a lasting impact?”

Tasks, ideas, confrontation, challenges, implementation … there is a lot of those, and more.

Day 4

Our group of trainers are actively practicing their skills by engaging in self-directed training and simultaneously sharing their knowledge to others.

Some of the sessions they delivered included topics like ontological phenomenological learning, communication styles, and NLP techniques.

Using essential tools, the trainers received insights about their professional development through self-reflection, actively seeking feedback, and utilising evaluations.

🚀 We’ve crossed the halfway point of the project.

Day 5

🎭 We kicked off day 5 with a burst of creativity through role play.

The morning sessions were led by our group of trainers, focusing on the topics of conflict and honesty.

🌈 Enter our special guest, Ventseslava Velcheva, who sparked a lively session on the magic of the voice. We questioned ourselves “What’s vital about your voice as a trainer to captivate your audience?”

The group explored four different communication styles: director, influencer, thinker, and relator. In an exciting twist, teams were formed, and each delivered a speech using their most powerful tool – their voices!

Wrapping up the day with a sneak peek into the ways of how geniuses think and continued with planning for tomorrow’s performance. Stay tuned for more brilliance unfolding! 🚀

Day 6

On the 6th day of our training course “Ultimately Advanced Training of Trainers”, the culmination of our groups efforts unfolded as the trainers delivered their planned educational activities. Maybe you met some of them around Plovdiv? 👀

Everyone presented to the group a reflective exploration of their events, highlighting successes, inconveniences, and the inevitable obstacles encountered along the way.📸

The quote of the day was: “You are whatever you do.” This lead to participants engaged in discussions, pondering the profound connection between actions and identity.

The day concluded with a reflective session 🤔 Addition to that, a humour session was delivered. Recognizing humour as an essential and enriching element, it provided a refreshing atmosphere and reinforcing the idea that learning can be both insightful and enjoyable. 😄

Day 7

🚀 Day 7 was full of creativity!

Participants brought their innovative ideas, getting “all the eyes on them”, but in reality it was more about their state management and to get keep their focus.

🎭 The important insights: language shapes reality and you declare yourself in the world.

Our trainers identified their own methods and designed their own training, being honest and inspirational to themselves and to others.

Day 8

🎯 After 8 days of the Training Course “Ultimately Advanced Training for trainers” passed, our journey comes to an end.

The last day was dedicated to closing the experience and celebrating our learnings.

Our group of trainers is geared up and committed to grow.📈

Big THANK YOU to everyone who played a part in making this project a success! 🙌 Your support and contributions have been invaluable, and we look forward to future collaborations that will further empower and inspire.

Partners of the project: 🇦🇺 MOVE to be You, 🇧🇪 Joetz, 🇬🇷 Roes Cooperativa, 🇬🇷 Be Visible Be YOU, 🇫🇮 Vantaan Venäläinen Klubi ry, 🇮🇹 YOUth Connect, 🇮🇹 New Wellness Education – APS, 🇱🇻 Re:view, 🇱🇻 Latvijas Jaunatnes padome, 🇲🇹 Prisms, 🇵🇱 Stowarzyszenie Proaktywne, 🇵🇱 Fundacja Wspierania Rozwoju Innowator, 🇷🇴 Blue Monkey, 🇪🇸 PROYECTO NAGUAL, 🇱🇹 Tavo, 🇭🇺 Egyesek, 🇹🇷 İnno Derneği

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”Ultimately advanced training for trainers” – Training Course | Memories