A reflection about 2020 – Rosa Amores


2020 will be remembered. And it is that in this chaotic year, full of surprises, uncertainty, adaptation, pain, and happiness, for me it has not been different than for the rest of the world population.

Ending the year in one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life, Lake Matka in Macedonia, with people I appreciate and love; realizing how lucky I am to be able to take a break away from the chaos that is being experienced in my country these months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Surprising myself because in just three months I have made friends with incredible people, which would normally take months to create these deep bonds.

For me this year has been surprisingly one of the best of my life. Maybe I always say that, because every year it gives me a little more wisdom and experience in life.

Paradoxically, during a pandemic, I have managed to create something special with the people around me.

And it is that Macedonia has been just another example in my life, that sometimes letting go is the right thing to do. And even more so when life changes so drastically from one year to the next.

And it is that our way of relating to each other, or of being, are not the same as in 2019.

And this if you look at it from a more long-term point of view, it really is not a bad thing.

Perhaps this pandemic needed to begin for appreciate simple things like being alive, being able to breathe pure air in the middle of nature, seeing a friend laugh.

And even if in the end it seemed that my trip was going to go wrong several times; that if we travel hundreds of kilometers to see a lake, which turns out to be dry, but we end up dancing in a traditional bar and drinking Rakija; what if on the last day of the trip we discover that we need a negative PCR to enter Bulgaria, and we end up meeting a local woman whose family has a clinic and they do us the favor of giving us the results beforehand; that if you start to relax to something that seems like everything is wrong, life finds ways to flourish.

Happy new year, and happy life.


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A reflection about 2020 – Rosa Amores