Egyesek Coaching Training – Training course in Hungary


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22-31 May 2019, Hungary – Coaching and mentoring
11-20 November 2019, Hungary – Advanced coaching
4 places available for Bulgarians

Egyesek Coaching Training – Training course in Hungary
22-31 May 2019
11-20 November 2019
Holloko, Hungary
Participating countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain.
Deadline for applications: 20 April 2019

ВАЖНО! Първо прочетете наръчника за успешно кандидатстване.

This is a learning program. It requires full focus and participation.
Travel reimbursement is only sent to those who fully participate in all phases, including the follow-up and dissemination.

Global Coaching is an educational program consisting of 2 separate training courses.
TC1 is focused on basic coaching and mentoring tools,
TC2 works with more advanced techniques.

Egyesek Coaching Training TC1 is a unique training course providing basic coaching tools and a framework for mentoring young people through volunteering.
The program is for youth workers, mentors and people working with groups. Our basic approach is that as a professional working with other human beings, we shall constantly reflect on ourselves and on our working methodologies. Therefore this training provides basic self-reflecting tools and especially tools to develop an attitude where coaching is used as an approach in work with young people.

Apply coaching and mentoring input, methods, techniques and tools in your work
Apply the tools given in the work with young people
Identify which areas you need to improve or develop
Identify your core skills and strong points for coaching
Select which coaching tools fit your style
Set your learning goals and outcomes for coaching and mentoring
Improve your capacity for self-reflection

Obligatory pre-departure meeting: date, time, place – to be announced and sent upon confirmation.
Come in person to learn about Smokinya, Erasmus+, this project, reimbursement and ask your questions.
Participation is obligatory, an option is to join via Skype / Hangouts apps.

Read more details in the infopack.

Important! Read carefully the info letter, it contains important details.
This is learning program funded by Erasmus+ programme.
That requires commitment. You will be asked to organise a follow-up activity after the program.
The program is intensive and challenging.
The program does NOT include cultural and touristic sightseeing.
Get to know all provided information in the info letter before you submit your application form.
Apply only when you know you want to participate and you have the dates of the training available.
Travel reimbursement is only sent to those who fully participate in all phases, including the follow-up and dissemination.
General applications are disregarded.

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More information: Info letter

This project is funded by Erasmus+ programme: accommodation, food, materials, the programme and the travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount are fully covered.

Maximum travel reimbursement for Bulgarians: 275 EUR per person.
Participation contribution to the project cost requested: 60 EUR paid in cash upon arrival at registration in place.

Smokinya Foundation operates thanks to hundreds of volunteering hours per month and donations.
We ask a contribution of 20 EUR (40 leva) from all confirmed applicants. That amount covers some of our administrative and organisational expenses. This amount is NON-REIMBURSABLE.

Apply by filling in the form: Application form.
Deadline for applications: 20 April 2019

Website of the organizer: Egyesek Youth Association

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This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme to support education, training, youth and sport in of the European Union.

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Egyesek Coaching Training – Training course in Hungary