Coach your team by coaching yourself – Training course results


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This training course took place in Ravnogor, Bulgaria.
22 – 29 October 2019, Bulgaria

32 participants from the following 14 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Romania.

A short video from the training course, summarizing the learning and experience of the participants.

During 22 – 29 October 2019 in Ravnogor, Bulgaria, 32 youth workers and social workers were learning about and practicing essential coaching skills.

Implementing the project Couch Your Team by Coaching Yourself (CYTCY) we aimed to give practical tools and methods to youth workers – and to people who work with people – so that they have innovative non-formal educational methods to use with their target groups, and, in the mean time they also learn how to make their mental-, physical- and spiritual life sustainable. With the main activity, the training course we aimed to respond concrete needs of the participants what became clear based on our survey that we made before submitting the application, and also we asked and considered the learning needs of the selected participants before and during the training course.
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Dissemination photos of our participants:

By providing innovative tools and methods and improving the coaching skills of youth workers, facilitators, coaches and mentors from our network, we also aimed to improve the quality of youth projects organized, the quality of mentoring volunteers and the quality of support in general what we are able to provide to a big variety of target groups. Our aim was also to focus on learning to learn and to avoid burn-out of youth workers.
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The objectives of the project were:
– to improve professional skills of coaches, mentors, counselors and trainers, working directly with young people and youth NGOs in designing and guiding coaching sessions and long-term support processes
– to adapt and introduce coaching techniques of NLP into the context of youth work
– improve interpersonal, entrepreneurial and participation competences of young people and youth workers
– to inspire the creation of new international projects among local, grass-root NGOs, working with young people facing challenges
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Participants of our project shared what they have learned with their peers inside the organizations by mini-workshops, private coaching sessions, using few learned tools (or their adapted version). Outside the organizations they were supporting other NGOs with consultation, marketing, communication, team work, some of our participants were invited to other NGOs to facilitate planning sessions, project management, and to clear out inner conflicts that were emerging between the members of the team.
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Apart from what was all that was mentioned before there were several informal sharing of the experience and informal promotion of the Erasmus+ program. Participants of our project talked about what they have learned to their friends and colleagues, to their families and they recommended to their peers the Erasmus+ programs as learning opportunities and all the hosting and sending organisations to contact. These informal sharing are difficult to track, still, we know that it plays an important part in sharing the word.

This was learning program funded by Erasmus+ programme.
The program was intensive and challenging.
The program did NOT include cultural and touristic sightseeing

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Smokinya Foundation, Bulgaria (project number: 2018-3-BG01-KA105-061179)

WeUnite, Austria
BrnoConnected, Czech Republic
Syncro-Synergy Croatia
Solidarity Mission, Greece
ReCreativity, Hungary
Combatants for Peace, Israel
Vagamondo, Italy
Biedriba Idea, Latvia
YMCA-Bitola, North Macedonia
Fundacja Innowator, Poland
Collippo, Portugal
Zig Zag prin Romania
AJ Intercambia, Spain

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Coach your team by coaching yourself – Training course results