Grow Creative – Youth Exchange in Croatia


06-16.10.2015 – Grow Creative (Croatia)

‘Grow Creative’ is an international youth exchange that will take place on October 6-17, 2015 in Rijeka on the coast of Adriatic Sea, bringing together 30 participants from 5 European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece and Spain.

Youth unemployment is currently one of the most pressuring social issues present in many European countries. In average almost 25% of young people don’t have a stable job. The combination of outer and inner obstacles youth encounter after graduation leads to young people with a lot of potential ending up doing tedious, frustrating jobs or staying unemployed.


Aim of ‘Grow Creative’

The goal of the project is to empower individuals to create success and fulfillment in life through meaningful job in balance with their values.


Objectives of ‘Grow Creative’

  • to help every individual find their deepest motivation as a sustainable drive for their actions;
  • to support development of participants’ creativity and entrepreneurial approach;
  • to improve the learning process and encourage responsible problem-solving;
  • to contribute to social inclusion and solidarity, improve team work and cooperation;
  • to raise awareness of available opportunities for work and learning;
  • to enhance intercultural understanding.


Working methods

The main working methods of the exchange will be activities based on neuro-linguistic programming, coaching, interactive presentations and exercises, discussions and sharing of experiences, role-plays, workshops created and led by participants.
After the exchange participants will be provided with practical tools to use for creating desired results in their everyday lives and will have developed proactive attitudes which will support their actions towards their goals.



There will be 30 participants altogether, 6 per country. Participants are expected to fall under the following criteria:
– Between the age of 18 – 30 years old;
– Have a good command of English;
– Highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole exchange.

The preference will be given to young people with fewer opportunities and those who face economic obstacles.

More info:
‘Grow Creative’ infoletter
‘Grow Creative’ application form



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This exchange is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth mobility.


Grow Creative – Youth Exchange in Croatia