My Next Job Exchange – Youth Exchange in Croatia


15-24.03.2016 – My Next Job Exchange (Croatia)

My Next Job Exchange, international youth exchange and a basic synergy training
15-24 March 2016
Rijeka, Croatia
Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania

“My next job exchange” is an international youth exchange and basic Synergy Training, that will take place in Rijeka, Croatia, March 15 – 24. 2015 bringing together 30 participants (team leaders included) from 5 different countries: Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania. They will join us together in Croatia to experience tools of non-formal education which empower them to find their own way to either get the job they want, their dream job, or create it by themselves.

We will explore job market changings, outdated concepts about work, high youth unemployment, deficient guidance for unemployed young people, as well as too narrowly focused formal education.

The idea of the project is to give to young unemployed people a chance to play with the concepts they were brought up to believe were true, offering them a set of skills that will help to be more creative when facing the job market, whether in presenting themselves, whether in creating their own jobs.

We will empower you to:

  • Work in international, intercultural group.

  • Improve your leadership skills.

  • Develop communication skills.

  • Free your creativity and proactivity.

  • Improve your organizational skills.

  • Assess and use your own potential.

More information: Info letter

Apply by filling in the form: Application form and send it to, latest till 05 Feb 2016.

Website of the organizer: Synergy Croatia

Deadline for the application: 05 Feb 2016
Confirmations sent: 10 Feb 2015

If you need support contact us to

This youth exchange is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth mobility.



My Next Job Exchange – Youth Exchange in Croatia