CHOICE – Training course in the Netherlands


09-13.12.2015 – CHOICE (the Netherlands)

9th – 13th December 2015
at Olde Vechte Foundation
Ommen, Netherlands

Before you read the info be aware that the info letter doesn’t cover the content and the contexts of the training. The info is there to give you a small impression of the training and of practicals.

CHOICE is a training with dynamic processes that require full participation. We cannot and don’t want to describe this processes, in order not to kill the spontaneous response on the process. The training is a journey in the moment of “NOW’, it is an experience that we offer, dynamic and meaningful.

We just opened the registrations and the selection will happen in chronological order up to 18.

Only people who have taken part in an EVENT WISE or a Basic training can register for it.

More information:
Choice-Infopack-December-2015 (.pdf)
Choice-Registration-Form-December-2015 (.docx)


CHOICE – Training course in the Netherlands