Choice – Training course in the Netherlands


19-23.03.2016 – Choice (the Netherlands)

Choice, open-call advanced self-development training
19-23 March 2016
Ommen, the Netherlands

Before you read the info be aware that the info letter doesn’t cover the content and the contexts of the training. The info is there to give you a small impression of the training and of practicals.

CHOICE is a training with dynamic processes that require full participation. We cannot and don’t want to describe this processes, in order not to kill the spontaneous response on the process. The training is a journey in the moment of “NOW’.
It is an experience that we offer, dynamic and meaningful.

The CHOICE Training is the follow up of the Basic Synergy (Event Wise). While the emphasis in the Basic Training (Event Wise) is on interpersonal experiences, Choice is all about self-awareness and self-discovery. It is a place where you will be challenged to explore your limits and expand your comfort zone.

The CHOICE Training is a challenging experience suitable for everyone who desires to break through to a new level of inner harmony and fulfillment. We spend every moment of our lives in a specific mood. This mood shapes the world and the reality we live in. The CHOICE Training gives you an opportunity to explore beyond your moods and free yourself from what limits you.

Experiencing a new aspect of your freedom and passion will empower you to live fully in the present moment. Most participants share the training has brought them feelings of infinite joy and aliveness.
During the five full days of the CHOICE Training you will have time to redefine your life path, your unrealized dreams and conceive new ones.

Selection will happen in chronological order up to 18.
Only people who have taken part in an EVENT WISE or a Basic Synergy training can register for it.

More information: Info letter

Apply by filling in the form: Application form or write to Olde Vechte Foundation, in case you have questions.

Website of the organizer: Olde Vechte Foundation

Deadline for the application: selection will happen in chronological order up to 18.

If you need support contact the organizer



Choice – Training course in the Netherlands