ESC volunteering positions | in Czechia

We are looking for volunteers for ESC projects in Czechia
Hello everyone! We are coming with new offers for ESC volunteering positions in Czechia. All of those projects are organised by SPOLEK HNIZDO which is NGO based in Czech – if you are interested you can find info-packs below:

Hnízdo is an association of active inhabitants of the region, which carries out several activities, especially in the field of forman, non-formal and informal education.
The association itself is also dedicated to organise educational events for parents, teachers and the public. They organise discussions and seminars on education and training, human rights, protection of the environment.

Hnízdo info-pack:Hnizdo

Volunteers at Hnizdo

The presence of volunteers at Hnizdo association school has a 4-year tradition. Volunteers have important roles, they help members to run association and its management, PR work, websites, fundraising.

Volunteers can join or organise many different activities, for example: trips, excursions, art workshops, cultural events, evening clubs, sport actives, organising celebrations and so on.

Every volunteer has an individual program, depending on their interests and hobbies. They are open to accept and support all the ideas they have. According to the agreement, volunteers are suppose to spend 30 hours per week for the project. They welcome volunteers with fewer opportunities as well (Geographical, Social, Economical, etc.)

Support during the project

A person who takes care about volunteers’ life, as in practical issues, in every challenge a volunteer can be going through.

A person who supports the volunteers in the association, communicates about activities and their presence at Hnizdo, discuss about ideas and help them make it happen in an individual ways

A person out of the school, a friend who helps the volunteer to adjust in the local community.

Hnízdo community supports our volunteers in every possible way. As inviting for local activities, as joining them to their events and providing necessary materials for the house or for them individually.

A small community of volunteers, that support each other and create long-term relationships.

Financial Support

Pocket Money:
The project covers pocket money and money for food every month. It is possible to get it in cash or on the bank account.

The volunteers live in Tisnov and share an apartment with other volunteers. They have shared bicycles to use during the project.

Travel Costs:
The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis defined by the European Commission.

Every volunteer has individual HENNER insurance for one year.


Free Democratic school CoLibri
📅 Date: June, 2024
📍 Location: Tišnov, Czechia
Duration of the project: 1 year


Application form: HERE
Please send your CV and Motivation letter to:;

Montessori School ZaHRAda: Class Jasan
📅 Date: ASAP
📍 Location: Nedvedice, Czechia
Duration of the project: 8-12 months

Info-pack: HERE

Please send your CV and Motivation Letter to:;

Montessori School ZaHRAda: Classes Lisa and Kastan
📅 Date: August/September 2024
📍 Location: Tišnov, Czechia
Duration of the project: 1 year

Info-pack: HERE

Please send your CV and Motivation Letter to:;;

We hope you will find this information useful.

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ESC volunteering positions | in Czechia