Youth for the EU Green Deal Results | Experience and outcomes


Not so long ago our youth exchange in Serbia ended, so we would like to tell you briefly about our results. Bulgarian team consisting of 6 members gathered by Smokinya Foundation went to Serbian countryside for an ecological project.
We went to Jasak, – a cosy village close to Vrdnik, where the Ceruda Youth Center is located. Our daily schedule included many activities. We participated in exercises, art assignments and discussions related to the EU Green Deal initiative.

EU Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives approved in 2020 and focused on a climate change. The main goal is to make climate neutral in 2050. That demands a reassessment of existing laws, the creation of new legal acts packages and an implementation of pro-ecological principles. The main fields included in this plan are the following: clean energy, sustainable industry, building and renovating regards to currently unsustainable methods, elimination pollution, sustainable mobility, biodiversity and thoughtful farming. EU Green Deal requires support and ecological thinking from ordinary people, so everyone should unite to make changes in their lives, little but meaningful for the world.

During youth exchange we discussed EU Green Deal with international teams from Croatia, Serbia, Romania, North Macedonia and of course Bulgaria. We learned different ways of zero-waste policies used in our countries and came up with new arguments for maintaining it.
Also, we spent a whole day in Novi Sad and some time in Belgrade, Vrdnik and around Ceruda in the local areas to admire nature and to learn more about Serbian culture. And, of course, we made friends and met like-minded people there.

To sum up, we’d like to emphasize that you can make a change to the world simpler than you think, and to draw your attention to other projects and youth exchanges provided by the Smokinya Foundation. We have lots of opportunities, so check it now in our social media! 😊





Youth for the EU Green Deal Results | Experience and outcomes