Smokinya Foundation worked with students at school


Young people are the adults of the future, investing in their personal development and attitudes can make the world a better place.

Smokinya Foundation cooperated with Hristo Danov School in Plovdiv and agreed to prepare a weekly workshop for young people in June.

The aim was to introduce interesting topics to young people through non-formal education opportunities and to actively work on them through different methods. The young people could become active themselves and try themselves out in different situations.

In the workshop “My body belongs to you”, the young people were given the opportunity to deal with their own bodies, to explore their strengths and weaknesses and to learn that their bodies belong to them alone and that they alone can decide about them.

In the workshop “Gender and Sterotypes” we dealt together with prejudices and roles that society attributed to us because of our biological gender.

In the communication activity, we immersed ourselves in the role of a salesperson and tried to harmonise words, body language and speech.

In the fourth workshop we talked about human rights, discrimination and social exclusion. Through a role play and a team activity, the young people felt what it means to belong or not to belong to a group.

Although we sometimes had small language difficulties regarding Bulgarian and English, we can say that the workshop series in the school was a great success for both the young people and the Smokinya team.
We had great interactions, exciting discussions and got an insight into what inspires young people today.

Many thanks for your great cooperation!






Smokinya Foundation worked with students at school