Meet new intern – Elena


Hello there! General Kenobi… So now you know I like Star Wars. My name is Elena Manolova and I’m from Plovdiv. I turn 20 this year in May… and it’s a little scary for me. I graduated high school as a cook. Food always had a special place in my heart. And so do movies and theater. One of my favorite things to eat is chocolate and one of my favorite films is La Vita è Bella. They both can be bitter and sweet.
And how I ended up in the Smokinya foundation? One night a friend of mine sent me a link to the Smokinya web site and said to me that there is an application form.

I’m an introvert and I love staying at home. I love playing video and board games, doing puzzles and paper collages. And I filed the form, because I wanted to challenge myself to go out a little more and meet people. And don’t get me wrong I like going outside to ride a bike, walk my dog, go to the cinema/theater and ect. And now that I mentioned my dog, here is a fun fact about me: I have a fear of dogs and have a cute french bulldog… I don’t know how this is possible.
I’ve been in Germany for 2months and that was the time I realized I like to be around people, especially foreigners. When I’m around them I feel the most like I’m at home. So all this like a comfortable challenge for me… Just like the dog thing I have.






Meet new intern – Elena