Catch Your Moment – training course results


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Catch Your Moment training course happened between 12-19 July in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, it was hosted and organized by Smokinya Foundation.
32 youth workers have gathered from 12 countries to learn about the topics of entering the labour market and social entrepreneurship.

As the main working method was improvisational theatre, participants explored this technique in a safe and playful environment. The training provided them a technical understanding on entering to the unknown, their own spontaneous reactions and natural behaviour. They improved communication, social skills and learned about fundamental skills to possess as an entrepreneur, such as active presence, taking risks, overcoming fears, spontaneous problem solving, developing ideas and creative co-working.

This helped the youth workers to develop their sense of active approach to new generations of youth towards entrepreneurship and to help them to face challenges and surmount the difficulties. The used method allowed the youth workers to implement the learnt techniques immediately in everyday working processes so the quality and efficiency of their work increased. They learned and practiced how to work together in a constructive way within teams, handling issues arising from various social, cultural or professional differences of each organisation and individual. Furthermore, the participants got to know about ways to handle unexpected situations, solve problems creatively and become adaptable to changes and new circumstances. Their sense of communication and entrepreneurship improved which positively changed and encouraged their support of youth, both individually and in group work. It was reflected in enhancement of their coaching skills and working with group dynamics.

During the training course we also hosted a event called „Entrepreneurs’ talk” when local entrepreneurs from Plovdiv shared their stories of how they became entrepreneurs and what challenges they face nowadays.

Check out this video about the training course and about what happened each day!

The other important aspect of the project was to implement the learned methods back home, after the training.

Czech Republic

Read the experience of Anna and what she learned from the training HERE.

After the training course back to her home country she also guided an improvisation and somatics workshop The D a n c i n g ORACL3 for Youth with Special Needs

Read the report of Aikaterini from Greece HERE.

In Hungary several events happened after the training where improvisational theatre methods and games were shared and introduced.

Aug 10, 2021, Sopron, Hungary

Source Conference – 23 July (Hatvan, Hungary)
2 improvisational workshops (1 in Hungarian and 1 in English). 40 participants attended.

Valley of Arts – 26 July (Kapolcs, Hungary)
Improvisational performance. app. 250 people attended

Improvariace – 10 August (Prague, Czech Republic) 10 people attended
– informal meeting of improvisers

Informal dissemination – 12 August (Leipzig, Germany) 5 people attended
Target group: art therapists and psychologists

Pannon Impro Camp – 27-29 August (Győr, Hungary) 20 people attended
Annual professional gathering of Hungarian improvisers

Grund Theatre 4-5 Sept (Felsőörs, Hungary) 20 people attended
Professional gathering of the theatre company

Maestro – 5 Sept (Budapest, Hungary) 80 people attended
improvisational performance

Sign Language Playground – 4-9 September (Velence, Hungary) 40 people attended
Erasmus+ KA2 project. Impro workshops including deaf young people.

Brain Bar – 10 September (Budapest, Hungary)
2 improvisational workshops. 50 participants attended.
Video of the event.


“After the training course “Catch Your Moment” I shared my gained knowledge, skills and experience. I did a small workshop on the 15th of August in a community of women called “La Porta ” in Santa Maria di Labante (Italy), near where I live. There were 5 women who assisted and we did it in Italian.

We started doing the energizer of the mannequins, then we did the rhythmic machine, the present game (also known as BIRD game!), the oracle, tongue twister contest, and some exercises of storytelling (the diary telling and some exercises in groups).

I really like it because I had too much fun and also because it helped me to remember even more what I learned during the project.

Thank you very much Smokinya Foundation for that incredible week!”

Teresa Amate

Initiated by the Italian team, some participants of the training were included to create a video together, after the training


“From 09.08 to 14.08 in Mladinski Center Brezice, Slovenia, there was an event called Green Week. During this period many activities connected with environment protection were performed. One of them was ‘environmental storytelling’ which was held by me – Katarzyna.

During the event participants learned a few techniques of telling stories based on improvisational theatre. We were focusing on creativity, turning out the mundane stories into interesting ones by adding emotions, more constructed plot and by building not obvious characters. We were having improvisation exercises, but also writing exercises where participants were working on the stories which they have already written, but using the tips from the workshop. Later on, getting to know some of the basics we were sharing our stories connected with nature, climate change and later we were discussing them. The workshop finished with feedback from all the participants where we shared our thoughts about stories of others and how we could improve our own storytelling skills.”


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In the mean time in Tenerife, one of our participants organised an improvisation workshop for her colleagues.

These are some of the incredible results of this training course!

We want to thank for all the trainers, project partners and mostly for the participants to help create this unique learning experience!

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Catch Your Moment – training course results