LISOFI : The Social Directors | Project Dissemination

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During March, some lucky volunteers from Bulgaria got to take part in the project LISOFI: The Social Directors, which aimed to teach young people about video editing and film making through non-formal education methodologies.

Pictures from this project can be found here and were taken by a professional photographer through the course of the program.

During this program, they were tasked with promoting a NGO through the use of the skills they acquired in this project. This video captures the work we’ve done in these past year, and we are so grateful for the effort and dedication given by these volunteers. The video can be seen in it’s full capacity here:

In addition to this video, the volunteers worked on more than 50 videos ranging from educational ones about internet and social media usage to simple vlogs about their time in the project. All these videos can be seen in their YouTube channel here.

In conclusion, we are very proud of the work done by our Bulgarian volunteers as well as the other international volunteers involved in this project, and we hope they continue to use the skills they acquired during this time in their future endeavors.

LISOFI : The Social Directors | Project Dissemination