Smokinya Foundation presents – Online Language Course

Perhaps you always wanted to become a polyglot and surprise others? Or you planning to visit a new country and want to get in touch with the locals? Or maybe you are just bored in quarantine and want to spend your time profitably?

On our course everyone is welcome!

If you ask yourself “Why do I need to learn foreign languages? I already know English, that’s enough!” – you should know that learning foreign languages:

1. Boosts learning skills

Learning a new language will increase your cognitive abilities – you will train your memory and be able to understand the general concepts of languages.

2. Enhances your math skills

Learning a language involves your structural and logical processes in the brain, which is the same thing as math. Of course, you still have to learn math itself, but the brain will be more disposed towards it.

3. Makes you a better listener

This is a wonderful skill that we need always and everywhere. In any situation, you can see the advantage of listening to the person without interruption. While learning a new language, you essentially have no choice but to listen carefully, try to grasp the meaning of what was said. It also allows you to develop empathy.

4. Increases your attention

It is almost impossible to learn a new language and constantly be distracted. To understand the sentence, you need to focus. You will see that the slightest distraction can destroy the successes that you have achieved in the last minutes and you will train to disconnect from external stimuli.

5. Increase your confidence

When we set any goal and achieve it, it inevitably leads to increased self-confidence. When we manage to have a 30 seconds dialogue in foreign language, this gives tremendous energy. It is also important that you celebrate your small successes. Otherwise, the brain will not be encouraged and will quickly get tired.

6. Prevents potential brain diseases

Learning a new language can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s, because the brain of multilingual people created more nerve pathways, which not allows it to scroll through the same thoughts and patterns (which often causes different brain diseases).

7. Improve your native language

Learning a second or even third language allows you to look at your native language and begin to notice new things in it. Any linguist or writer will tell you that there are different levels of understanding in the native language and that the same literary text is perceived differently, depends on your level.

8.Increase your creativity

Learning a language is like assembling a puzzle. In one sentence, you can know half the words, and guess the second half from the context. In addition, when you talk with a native speaker of the language you are studying, your brain begins to get madly out of an awkward situation, looking for synonyms for the word that you forgot. All this helps you become inventive.

9. Raise cultural awareness

A native speaker of your new language is a direct embodiment of the culture of your target country. Watching a movie with a lot of dialogue will tell you less about the culture of this country than a normal dialogue with its inhabitants. It makes you more diverse as a person and allows you to avoid many conflicts, because you begin to understand a different culture and another perception of the world.

10. Open up new career opportunities.

According to various statistics, knowledge of two languages adds 10 to 15% of your salary. It can turn your life around. If you want to do business, it is extremely important to open an every single door for yourself – any of them can be a huge opportunity.

11. Allows you to discover new horisonts in travel

Great feeling when the awkwardness of being in a foreign country disappears. Yes, you do not look like a native of this country, but people will be happy to deal with you when they know that you speak their language.

So, what we are going to do here?

We will provide you with safe environment, relevant knowledge and language developmental tasks as well as support you in this journey of discovering, making it fun and pleasure, so this course will benefit for people of any level of linguistic background.

Course will be lead by our new volunteer – Radostyna with a background in Slavic linguistics. She offers to learn: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Bulgarian for foreigners. She will show you by personal example what is to be a polyglot and how easy is to speak 5 languages 🙂

You can choose to study one language or several. Apply by filling in the form: Application form

We are waiting for your applications until 20 of April 2020!

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This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme to support education, training, youth and sport in of the European Union.

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Smokinya Foundation presents – Online Language Course