“EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave” – Meet new volunteer Marisya

Hello to everyone

My name’s Marisya, I’m 24 years old and I came to Plovdiv from Moscow, Russia.
Talking about preferences, I’m keen on arts and travelling. Most of all, I like literature & languages, dancing and photography and on occasion won’t refuse either the party or the evening of hand making staff. Since my childhood, I’ve been writing poetry and naively dreaming of my own book or songs’ collection. Also I have marks on the world map, which I’d like to cover one day.

After receiving a specialist’s diploma on psychotherapy and consulting and first year master’s degree on French comparative literature I’ve started looking for a working perspectives without guaranteed promise of burning-out. I felt as being at a crossroads of multiple jobs I’d tried and some desired activities I’d only wanted to start.

Lately, I’d discovered my interest in volunteering, so a few projects in my life were started. Working in museums in Moscow inspired me enough, but soon there appeared COVID-19 blocking pretty every work in galleries, so I preferred concentrating on my official work in the field of clinical psychology.

In a while, as far as I couldn’t resist the temptation of starting some new projects, I entered a Charity Fund to work part-time with children who have different diseases. This activity made me feel more useful and filled me with joy. However, that was hard to combine with my full-time job in a hospital. Against the background of all the changes that took place in my life, I decided to modify everything that surrounded me and try to take a break from daily routine in order to accurately determine my inclinations, get technical and soft skills and change the working environment to a more friendly one. That’s how I discovered ESC projects and found Smokinya team in Bulgaria.

At the moment I’m looking forward to our collective activities and hoping to present something valuable to the local community.




“EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave” – Meet new volunteer Marisya