DreamShapers – A youth exchange to remember

In August 2021 Smokinya Foundation sent 4 young Bulgarians to take part in a youth exchange in Hungary in a project proposed by Egysek youth association.

After reading and discovering the results created by Martin, Vanesa, Rozalie and Anastasia Smokinya Foundation is more than happy to have been a partner in this erasmus plus project.

You can read their testimonials here.

Martin, Bulgarian participant, was being interviewed on his hometown radio on the show “Crazy Saturday”. You can hear him following link : https://bit.ly/3zMBxmy

Also here you can discover a story about the experience by all participants : https://bit.ly/3zM7fAD

A recap story about the project DreamShaper, where participant share their feeling and impression about the youth exchange.

In addition to all of this, Rozalie one participant from Bulgaria manage to create a video where she made an interview of local citizen in Holoko the place where was the course in Hungarie.

Smokinya Foundation want to say thank you to the Bulgarian team for their testimonials and action during and after the exchange.
If after reading this article you feel like want to take part in project with Smokinya Foundation and its partners trough Europe so click HERE and discover our opportunity for Bulgarians participants.


DreamShapers – A youth exchange to remember