Until forever – a goodbye from Rosa

We cannot choose where we come from, but we could decide where we are going

My name is Rosa, I am 23 years old, I have suffered assaults when I was a child, I have grown up in a broken family environment, in a neighborhood of humble families. In my teenagers, I went through stages of anxiety and depression due to childhood trauma, I came to hate my life to the point of wanting it to end.
It has taken me years not to be afraid to tell my truth.

I came to Bulgaria to improve myself. Because being abused in childhood, even if it doesn’t define you, marks you; and despite being now a young woman these fears are still there.
After years in therapy, I can say that I am succeeding. That I am coming out of all the darkness that was my life years ago.
Everything I have achieved has been thanks to lifelong friends and my sister who have supported me.
It is the first time that I have written this down and I publish it so it can be read by anyone, including strangers.

But after almost 4 months living far away, arriving in an unknown country, completely alone during my first weeks, where I had to face myself, fears,and another culture.
After meeting dozens of new people, becoming emotionally involved with some and bonding. Now I feel ready to start talking about all this.

I arrived with an empty baggage and I fly away with a heart full of wisdom, defeat and happiness.
Bulgaria, a country without luxuries, but that still reaches you, it soaks your guts, it excites you. This country, I will always link it with a positive stage of my life. Of learning, of personal growth.

If I have been able to get here completely alone, anyone can overcome the circumstances that life puts before us.
Hopefully one day I can positively influence someone. Either with the art that I create, with my knowledge in science, or simply with my story. That even if it is not the most incredible and exciting in the world, it has brought me more than 3000 km from my home.

I love this country, which at first dislodged me, with all its contrasts and how different it is from the country where I was born; but that people, their stories make it unique.
I hope that the people I have met in Bulgaria and I was not able to tell them about this part of me in person understand it.
I hope that all of them are happy, and that they are not afraid to be them; to live.

I will carry you in my heart always.

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Until forever – a goodbye from Rosa