offLINE project start – Meet the volunteer Agita

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offLINE – from volunteer towards employed, long-term volunteering project in Bulgaria (EVS / European Solidarity Corps)
1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020
Sofia, Bulgaria


Hi, my name is Agita and I recently jumped into the roller coaster of volunteering and joined the Smokinya Foundation team here in Sofia. I found out about the EVS program when I met volunteers from different countries in Latvia who were exceptionally inspirational and I wanted to to be a part of this movement as well. So, when my sending organization “Piedzīvojuma Gars” offered to come here, without a second thought I applied for this experience.

I am a nature lover, a traveler and an experience seeker, which might be the reason why I’ve switched my occupation and habitat multiple times over the course of my life – from design to programming, to hairdressing and to volunteering; from Riga to Liepaja, to Plzen and to Sofia. I love to stay curious and have an open mind for new ideas, willing to learn and ready to change myself every day. I reflect that with my style as well – trying different looks, hair colors, styles, piercings and tattoos, changing inside and outside too.

It’s funny how exactly a year ago I was in Bulgaria for the first time and now I’ll be staying here for an entire year (I’m not even joking :D).
I’m still feeling quite hyped about being here and I really love sharing this excitement as well as inspiring people to open up for different experiences and try something new. I have already met so many cool people, who have made me understand that this is going to be a crazy amazing year.

I’m really passionate about helping people experience something new, as well as I am passionate about experiencing things myself, learning, staying curious and making the world a better place. I came here with many questions about what I want to do in my life, how to express the passion that I have and to discover the options that being a part of an NGO can offer. I haven’t found all the answers to my questions yet but here I am, learning new ideas and something new about myself every day.

Smokinya is a quite young and small NGO and it feels like I can contribute to it. It’s nice to feel that there is possibility to influence how and what is happening in the organization. I really feel like part of the team.

At the first team-building when we were dividing the roles I got to be the responsible for the fun, it’s funny to even imagine how that’ll end up, haha..

I love Sofia so far. The people I meet here, the vibe of the city and the differences in the culture and nature are pretty awesome, I’m looking forward to how this is going to change my life and what’s coming next!

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offLINE project start – Meet the volunteer Agita