Rediscovering passion for photography – The volunteer Kristina shares

This is not just a story about my volunteering experience so far. This is my heart shaped in letters.

So let me share it with you.

A little bit more than 3 months ago I came to Bulgaria. No expectations, no plans. Only pure curiosity and desire to start a new chapter in my life. I didn’t try to fit in from the very beginning. It was just me: as emotional, awkward and careful as I am.

So what happened through these months?

Well, I changed my profile picture on FB (wasn’t changed since 2017), got new haircut and learned how to make Latvian traditional cheese.

But seriously, a lot. A lot have happened and there’s even much more to come. I’m still emotional (those from Latvian movie nights can confirm), still awkward (especially if I’m very comfortable around you) and still very careful.

I have returned to my passion of taking photos and making videos. That redhead person with camera on Smokinya’s events, yes, that’s me. Come say ‘hi’ next time. Still a long way to go but I’m learning. And most importantly I’m enjoying that process of learning because I’m surrounded by incredibly beautiful people inside out.

I do get overwhelmed sometimes which is not a bad thing but definitely not the easiest one. There’re so many people with so many stories which I’m eager to learn. And there’s a thought to make something bigger from that which will come later, so bear with me until I sort all things in my head.

My journey in Bulgaria have just begun but my heart already belongs to the people I’ve met here and to those I’m only going to meet.

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Rediscovering passion for photography – The volunteer Kristina shares