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As a sending organization, we are so excited to see Veso’s activities in his project, Vitality, in Italy. The volunteers of Vitality have started a weekly blog called “Vitality Monday” where they share with you what they do every week: what they do in the office, their schedule, tasks, small trips and overall life in Bergolo. View the blog HERE

Check out one of the posts below:

“Are you ready? We have done so many things the past week that we cannot even believe it! It was the celebration of the #erasmusdays2020, we created an online event and we did a human library in Alba! We painted, we worked on our personal projects in the office and we closed the week with an amazing hike.
On Thursday, we organized an online event called E+ Virtual Space with 7 Italian organizations. Today we are going to make a post with a looot of information about it, don’t miss it!
On Wednesday, we painted the doors of the cemetery of Bergolo, we made our own meditation out of it.
In the office, we were not only promoting and creating the online event, but we were also preparing ourselves for the autumn and winter, setting our learning goals and personal projects, answering the question “What do I want to be able to do at the end of my learning process?” through some activities that Fabrizio prepared for us.
On Saturday, we went to Alba, to H-Zone, to make a human library with Informagiovani ALBA! We talked about what is Erasmus, the opportunities that offer, how to apply, we talked about Vagamondo and we shared our experience with Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. We have the video on our Facebook page if you want to have a look: Click
And on Sunday, we went to the sunny and warm Liguria, to do a beautiful hike on the coast and we finished at the beach eating a focaccia!

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“Vitality Monday” – Volunteer Blog