Hidden art studio – Meet Dimitar


Going up the stairs to the right, after a corridor that already evokes that atmosphere almost out of a film, you know that you are entering a special place.
There is Dimitar with a smile; He invites us to come by and, mixing words in English and Bulgarian, explains his vision; a person’s vision of the world around him.

How with his hands he can create and evoke memories.
They are working on a new project; you can see the emotion in their eyes.
There are the cars of his childhood, that’s what he tells us, cars that he himself qualifies as ugly (within the subjective beauty of the artist).

He makes them with natural mud from the Maritsa River. Through a negative and materials that he encounters every day, such as a pile or a comb, he makes them (literally) grow out of the ground.
It’s funny how, despite language barriers, art is universal.
He invited us to try, to experiment with him. And there I saw myself, after eight years
without using mud to sculpt, in an almost magical place, making art.
We sculpted some cars; I had the pleasure of painting one. Dimitar was guiding us, but he left a lot of space for personal creativity.
I got in completely, I stained my hands, my clothes, even my skin.
I mixed colors and picked up my owns. I began to feel the same that I used to feel when I was studying at the art school in Granada; I felt, the unconcern of making mistakes, because in art there are no mistakes, there are feelings.

These days in the studio, with Dimitar, Rady and Finn, have been incredibly positive, I have evoked my own memories, and I have helped to evoke Dimitar’s ones.
Without a doubt, it was one of the most enriching experiences I have had since I
arrived in this city a month ago. Thanks to Smokinya for letting me live this, and to
Dimitar for opening his heart to us.

Rosa Amores

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Hidden art studio – Meet Dimitar