New Team Bee – Teddy has joined Smokinya Foundation


My name is Teodora. It’s a Greek name. Everyone calls me Teddy though. 29 years of age. I feel older than that and yet full of energy and desire to achieve the many dreams I have in my heart and mind.

Born and bred in Sofia, Bulgaria until my 19th year.
Studied BA levels of Drama and Social Science in the Performing Arts Department of Kingston University in London for 3 years. After that life took me under its wind and got me to places I never thought I would go to. Traveled Europe and a bit of Africa, worked in various companies and fields from real estate to hospitality management and the creative sectors. I am drawn to arts and everything creative, astrology, social and cultural studies, and most things in between. Currently practicing photography and reading a lot of philosophy and other sorts of books in order to find my calling. Hardest questions of them all as some might say. Oh, and also looking for that real love and that twin flame of mine!

In the last few years a self-discovery period begun for me. It has been a roller coaster, gone through depression, anger, stubbornness, trauma, and other hardships. At the end of the day, this is all a process. Everyone goes through this experience at some point in their life. Mine just seemed to align with the 20s existential crisis. Fun times! Wouldn’t change it for the world though!

If you have ever lived in a metropolis such as London you’d know it is a great, yet very fast-paced and tiresome place. Like a giant monster that sucks you in the matrix. Sometimes you lose sight of what is important to you. With this said I am getting to the point of the story that states why I came back to Bulgaria. I have always felt like I am here in order to do something bigger than me and for years this feeling was suppressed. Whatever I tried work and love wise it never really felt like it’s my thing. So, with great scarcity and doubt in my heart on March the 1st 2020 I flew back home to Sofia. Not long after that, I found Smokinya online and emailed them asking if they have an open position or a need for volunteers. After a few conversations and trips to Plovdiv here I am part of this foundation. I am hoping to gain as much as I can from this experience and be able to create a valuable impact on people life’s while I am with them.

In the interim of all this, exploring Bulgaria again as if it is the first time has kept me busy. So much to see and learn. I guess this is the beauty of being an ex-pat. Meeting young and interesting people every week, visiting new places, and also going to the current protests.

To wrap it up with a few words I would say I am very grateful for what I have and been through and looking into the future with hope and love that whatever I do I will be able to help myself and others to achieve their goals and dreams!

New Team Bee – Teddy has joined Smokinya Foundation