LifeCore – Training course in Hungary


7-11 November 2018, Hungary

Lifecore, advanced personal development training course
7-11 November 2018
Holloko, Hungary
Participating countries: open to every country
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What is LifeCore?
„Deep water, uplifting, liberating experience!”

LifeCore is the advanced personal development journey that enables you to meet yourself again from different ​perspective and find your full potential.
The LifeCore experience is there for you to create a new context for yourself to live the life you always wished to live.

Based on what participants said after their experience these are the outcomes the program offers:

  1. You deepen your self-awareness, to realize your negative beliefs, patterns and games you play in your every day life and how to leave all these behind in order to fulfill your dreams.

  2. You will have the unique chance to unleash your own potential in a small community of people who all come with the same intention: to discover themselves and hold the space for each other.

  3. During your experience you get in contact with your true self, and find a way to be the real you!

  4. This experience is for you if you:

    Desire for acceptance
    Strive for deep awareness
    Want to acquire tools to master your moods
    Want to explore the source of your success
    Connect with your true inner self
    Search for ways for your inner harmony

We live our lives in specific moods and this defines anything what we do and how we lead our own life. During the program you will experience how you can change these moods and with what kinds of techniques you can master them so that the quality of your life increases.

You will have the opportunity to discover what kind of behaviors and attitudes support you to reach your goals and create successes and which ones are not useful for you anymore.

You will experience your own freedom, confidence and high level of awareness and understanding of your own power and fulfillment.

Through the experience and knowledge you acquire during this program, you create results for yourself that will influence all areas of your life. You will:

handle your emotions more effectively;
be able to represent your own interests and opinion;
connect with people;
express your emotions more clearly and naturally;
have new possibilities to create harmony for yourself.

The program is a dynamic 5 days of intense experiences.
Its fundamental idea is that we are the creators of our lives and capable to create the maximum success and fulfillment for ourselves; that we all are our own masterpieces and we tend to forget about that during our every-day lives while being lost in our games and image.

The methodology of the program is based on participatory processes and experiential learning. It contains coaching elements – confronting and transformation coaching – and NLP methods.
There are very few lectures and a lot of intense individual processes in group context.

In case you already took part on one of the program in our network, namely: on Basic Synergy/First Step Synergy training organised by Egyesek, Qualitimpact, Brno Connected, Synergy Bulgaria or other international organisation ​or on an Event Wise training, this program can be the next step for you.
It is not a requirement, that you participated on any programs mentioned above.
In case this is the first time you apply for our program, we will contact you for an online interview.

The processes of the program are intense and might be emotionally challenging.

The program is intensive and challenging personal development program.
It is open to anyone, especially for people who participated in basic synergy / first step synergy training or Event Wise training.

You may want to read some of the testimonials from previous projects related to personal development, communications skills, leadership, creativity, employability and outdoors. Click on the following link:

More information: Practical information and details

Participation fee:
early bird 310 EUR until 01 October 2018.
full price 390 EUR ​after 01 October 2018.
supporting price500 EUR*
* With that contribution you can support someone who wants to participate in the program and cannot afford the full price. For more information, contact the organisers

The price includes:

  • 5 days of high quality personal development program based on 10 years of experience
  • Professional training
  • Tools for mastering your emotions and for assertive communication
  • On-spot coaching through processes
  • Accommodation and food for 5 days

We ask you for a small contribution of 16 EUR (30 leva) for Smokinya Foundation which covers some administrative and organizational expenses. These amounts are NON-REIMBURSABLE.

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This training is an open call. It is NOT financed by any grant and is open to people from all over the world.


LifeCore – Training course in Hungary