Get ACTive – Youth exchange in Hungary


18-28 November 2016 – Get ACTive – Forum Theatre for Gender Equality (Hungary)

Get ACTive – Forum Theatre for Gender Equality, international youth exchange
18-28 November 2016
Zalamerenye, Hungary
Countries: Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary

Read carefully the info letter below, it contains important details.

“Get ACTive!”
Are you active in the field of gender equality or interested in it?! Perfect! We would like to invite you to join this special project.
With this youth exchange we want to motivate, prepare and support young people for a commitment to support gender equality and give the opportunity for a first exchange of experiences.

Today our society is going through significant changes, however, youth is often lacking a safe forum to discuss personal experiences in a constructive manner. Theatre of the Oppressed (or Forum Theatre) is an efficient method to address any social issues and to enable the people to find solution strategies together in order to cope with the challenges they might face both on a societal and an individual level.
Theatre of the Oppressed offers a unique possibility not only to map difficulties and initiate a discourse, but also to act out situations and to personally experience them, thus gaining a better understanding of one’s own reactions and inhibitions, as well as to discover possible solutions linked to the common social problem.

raising awareness of gender issues
learning about the method of Theatre of the Oppressed
sharing personal experiences, initiating an international discourse
writing a new play on gender issues based on the participants’ own experiences and input
empowering participants with the necessary know-how and encouraging them to start their
give tools to start own forum theatre groups in their communities
building a network of forum theatre groups

leading the participants through the processes of group formation and building a play
basic drama exercises, raising body consciousness
icebreaking, teambuilding, simulations, working groups
facilitation techniques (role of the Joker)
complex artistic techniques (e.g. use of music and drawing when writing a play)
discovering other theatrical methods – Invisible Theatre, Image Theatre, Newspaper Theatre

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Important! Read carefully the info letter below, it contains important details.
This is educational mobility funded by Erasmus+ programme.
That requires commitment. Commitment before, during and after the project.
Unlike many other Erasmu+ project, this program is intensive and challenging.
The program does NOT include cultural and touristic sightseeing.
Get to know all provided information in the info letter before you submit your application form.
Apply only when you are sure that program is for you and you are available on the listed project dates.
General applications are disregarded.

More information: Info letter

Participation contribution: 20 EUR paid in cash upon arrival at registration in Hungary.
We ask you for a small contribution of 13 EUR (25 leva) for Smokinya Foundation which covers some administrative and organizational expenses. This amount is NON-REIMBURSABLE.

Apply by filling in the form: Application form, latest till 30 September 2016.

Website of the organizer: Útilapu Hálózat

Deadline for the application: 30 September 2016

If you need support contact us to

This youth exchange is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth educational mobility.



Get ACTive – Youth exchange in Hungary