The PathWays – Training course in Bulgaria


4-12.06.2016 – The PathWays (Bulgaria)

The PathWays, an Event Wise training (similar to basic synergy training)
4-12 June 2016
Ravnogor, Bulgaria
Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Italy, Spain, Czech Rep, Hungary, Netherlands

PathWays is the first phase of two dynamic personal development trainings
designed by Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands and brought to Bulgaria
through Synergy Bulgaria within the Erasmus+ framework through the project
named WISE CHOICE. This specific editions bring the attention only to Trainers
& Youth Workers in order to support their parallel process into guiding people’s
Being an educator working on personal development is interlinked on your own
competences development, it is a parallel process. Your personal concepts about nonformal
education are influencing the working methods that you use as youth leader,
for instance. Enlarging your perspective in non-formal education also enlarges your
possibilities as an educator.
PathWays training is a safe space where you can experience, play and grow. It will
empower you to challenge your own resourcefulness and ability to create desired results,
and thus have a positive impact on your self-confidence. It will help you stand up for
yourself with integrity in a social context and increase your ability to deal with demanding
PathWays is a dynamic personal development training that equips you with tools and
approaches that increase your abilities to achieve personal and professional success
while enjoying life. Moreover, it will empower you to take complete control over your life,
to enhance your competences – you will be able to choose how to react to what happens
to you and navigate change.

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This training is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme for youth mobility.



The PathWays – Training course in Bulgaria