GO VISUAL – Graphic facilitation workshop in Bulgaria


May 3-5, Bulgaria
Open to any country.

GO VISUAL, a graphic facilitation workshop in Bulgaria
May 3-5 (arrival May 2, departure May 6)
Sofia, Bulgaria

Nowadays, communication and information are unstoppable power. Content is created on a daily basis by billions. Skills to express, summarize, as well as to make comprehensive and understandable are important and essential. Would you agree with this?
You may choose to join our workshop which will give you some fresh insights and energy to continue what you are anyway doing in your daily life – working, living, contributing, learning and growing.

This is a 3-day intensive workshop that will allow you to:
1. Build your own visual library using basic shapes
2. Learn how to express ideas in simple drawings
3. SEE and CAPTURE the BIG PICTURE and the essential CONCEPTS and IDEAS
4. Learn how to ACTIVELY and TRULY LISTEN to content
6. ENGAGE everyone during meetings or presentations and CREATE a SENSE of UNDERSTANDING

For people who want to create impact both within themselves and in their working environment.

• Trainers, Coaches, Team leaders and managers
• Talent development experts and staff
• Visionaries and strategic planning leaders
• UX and UI designers
• Analysts, product owners and managers
• Engineers, developers, software architects
• Project managers or coordinators
• Scrum or agile enthusiasts
• Marketers
• Visual Storytellers
• Teachers

This workshop is also for YOU to design and present ideas in simple, clear and convincing way – implementing and using graphic expression skills and drawing in your everyday life. And for people who want to boost creativity, clarity and presentation skills!
It is not about art, it is about insights, ideas, impact and ACTION.

We will combine effective visual thinking methods with on-spot coaching and practical tools to create visual practice immersion.

PROGRAM ELEMENTS (day 1 through 3):

• Creating distinction between sketch notes, graphic facilitation, graphic recording
• Space for expression, learning and improvement where all is possible, perfect and welcome as it is
• New and relaxed esthetics and approach to draw freely, WITHOUT attachment to art esthetics, judgements or mistakes
• Working with basic shapes, figures and drawing elements
• Building your own visual vocabulary and alphabet (objects, people, emotions, concepts)
• Trainer and peer feedback for empowerment
• Creating visual large size templates for teamwork
• Sketch noting and making series of simple drawings
• Learning how to express complex ideas, text and narrative
• Learning and practicing how to visually and graphically express short conversations
• Home works and challenges to set you up on the way to develop your own style and reach your own goals with graphic recording or facilitation
• Live visual representation of a short speech and getting empowering feedback for it
• Visual mapping for self-development – how to visualize priorities, life choices, milestones
• Practice, practice, practice

• High quality training program developed by a professional and internationally recognized and certified graphic recorder and facilitator
• On-spot coaching to empower you to grow your own practice and create memorable, lasting and effortless impact
• Development of skills, competences and attitudes to self-expression, taking risks, entrepreneurship, welcoming mistakes
• Online resources
• Templates for day-to day practice
• Space for group discussions and ongoing Q&A after the workshop
• All necessary materials – flipcharts, papers in different sizes, 2 different sized markers

Non-formal and experiential learning, immersion, ideation, visual practice, visual note taking, mindmapping, visualization, 6 thinking hats, improvisation, on-spot training and coaching, immediate feedback, peer learning.

• Practice, practice, practice
• Intensive and fast paced program
• Quick insights and deeper learning in an easy, comprehensive and joyful environment
• Trainer and peer feedback
• Improved confidence and freedom to express through drawing
• Sketch noting, doodling, drawing, recording and facilitating using 3 main elements: yourself, markers and paper
• Learning to add shadows, to represent people in various ways, and practically represent ANYTHING in vivid, clear and simple drawings
• Developing a clear handwriting even when you write fast on a flipchart
• Learning new ways to design your projects and how to create visual templates for your customized needs
• Learning practices from the creative industry to apply visual thinking in your daily life.
• Enjoyable, participative and co-creative team process
• It’s not about art! It’s about doing – GO DRAW!

GO VISUAL Workshop will equip you with a case full of practical tools and an action plan to integrate visual thinking and creativity in your work routine every day.

Provided training room, paper in different sizes and 2 Neuland® markers per person.
Short coffee breaks with drinks and snacks are included.

The workshop is limited to 16 participants.
The program includes 3 days of training and coaching, materials and training room.
Work hours – about 6 hours a day: 09:45 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00. Depending on group needs and energy.

Arrival day: May 2
Start of the program: May 3, 09:45 h
End of the program: May 5, 16:30
Departure day: May 6

Be aware that accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are NOT covered.
Upon request, Smokinya Foundation will support your search of accommodation by providing recommendations and facilitating communication. Smokinya Foundation will also facilitate and support in finding lunch and dinner places close to the training room.

Simple, easy to understand and clear English.

Fill in the registration form now.You will receive a confirmation email with all further details about payment within 3 days.
If you need to call and get further information or clarification, call +359 88 865 3280, between 10:00 and 16:00 EET (UTC+02:00). Tihomir Georgiev will answer your questions.

400 EUR for people from Central and Eastern Europe and other countries
550 EUR for people living in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland

50 EUR non-refundable deposit to be paid to reserve a place.
The rest is paid by April 26, 2018.


30% discount for adults and students without paid jobs.
20% discount for people who completed a Synergy Network training
(Basic Synergy training, Event Wise, Choice, Practicing coaching, Dance training, Communications training)

You want to sign up 3 or more persons at the same time.

Keep in mind that arriving later or leaving earlier is not accepted
Smokinya Foundation asks you to plan your trip according to the official arrival and departure times above.

Bianca Gainus is a graphic recorder and facilitator from Romania, with degrees and work experience in both Communication and Art.

She has delivered exciting visual experiences to companies and governments like Council of Europe and European Comission, Tuborg, Carrefour, Dubai Government, Dubai Financial Market, Ajuntamiento de Barcelona, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Ipsos Global Research, Romanian Ministry for Youth&Sports and many others.

By working in many enriching contexts like television, education, advertising, press, NGOs, Bianca polished her creativity and visual thinking muscles and for her the most important insight comes from working with children: we are all genuinely creative and express ourselves freely when our authenticity is nurtured. Encouraged children express visually and continue doing it while enjoying truly. Let us provide you with expertise, tools and support to explore again your playfulness.

Bianca facilitates visual thinking workshops and note-taking sessions for corporate teams, executives, trainers, helping them to enhance clarity, strategy skills, collaboration and change.

Bianca is a certified trainer with more than 10 years teaching.

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Tihomir Georgiev
Bachelor of History and Master in Rhetoric. Since 2012 in the field of training, coaching, personal development, learning by experience and non-formal education, international projects.

Certified NLP Practitioner and a coach. His journey as a trainer and coach passes through Hungary, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Croatia and the USA. He has worked in the private and non-profit sector. Founder and Director of Smokynia Foundation, entrepreneur with values.

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GO VISUAL – Graphic facilitation workshop in Bulgaria