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Project “restART for ART”

is KA2 project funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + program aimed to help independent adult artists and promote intangible cultural heritage from Romania, Latvia, Spain and Turkey.

The coordinating organisation of the project is Asociatia CPDIS from Romania, a Non-Governmental Organisation whose mission is to grow our non-formal learning community.

Last years’ health crises has affected adults across the EU in an unprecedented way. The creative industries at the level of the consortium countries, as well as the people working in these fields, have been affected in particular. The project is focused on acquiring professional skills for adults from Romania, Turkey, Spain and Latvia in two key areas of the creative industries:

1. Music / performing arts
2. Intangible cultural heritage

The direct target group of the project consists of 96 artistically independent adults, and 40 stakeholders working in the creative industries. The indirect target group consists of 800 adults in the creative field, as well as 130,000 adults related to the general public.

The project is built on a complex architecture that includes 4 intellectual results, 4 blended training mobilities and 4 multiplication events, as follows:

· Intellectual Results:
1) Mapping the creative industry sectors and making four Country Reports;
2) Making an international music album;
3) Artistic management non-formal guide;
4) Interactive online platform on intangible cultural heritage
· 4 creative trainings (blended training mobilities) for people active in the field of creative industries in Romania, Turkey, Spain and Latvia, organized in each country of the consortium.
· 4 events for multiplying the intellectual results

The objectives of the restART for ART project are:

· Improving professional skills among 96 adults with financial difficulties in Romania, Turkey, Spain and Latvia, working in the field of independent creative industries (1. music / performing arts; 2. intangible cultural heritage), to identify new opportunities to promote the two creative industries in the context of the health crisis;
· Raising awareness among adults in Romania, Turkey, Spain and Latvia on the importance of creative sectors for European cultural identity, with an emphasis on music / performing arts and intangible cultural heritage, by mapping disparate information in the field and producing four Country Reports;
· Improving the access for 40,000 adults from Romania, Turkey, Spain and Latvia to the digital means of information regarding the intangible cultural heritage at the level of the consortium.

The general impact of the project targets adults working in the creative industries in Romania, Turkey, Spain and Latvia, for which it proposes concrete solutions to improve professional skills to overcome the extremely difficult period generated by the health crisis. Short term, the project generates competencies for the target group directly, by participating in the 4 blended learning mobilities and by finalizing the intellectual results. In the long run, the project aims to extend the results to the general public, approximately 130,000 adults, through the operation of the online interactive platform on intangible cultural heritage, the use of the artistic management non-formal guide by adults and stakeholders in the creative industries.

The project “restART for ART” carried out a research about the impact of pandemics on the lives of artists coming from all kinds of creative fields in the project partner countries.
You can take a look into the research here .

They provide a free non-formal book about event organising guide for independent artist in the ever-changing world. You can get acquainted with the book, read, share and download it here.
It is available in English, Romanian, Spanish, Latvian and Turkish languages.

And this is not everything!

They even managed to create an international music album with the help of about 100 artists from at least 4 different countries. Enjoy the listening!


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This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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“restART for ART” – Partnerships for Creativity