Smokinya Club – Photography Workshop | Results

Last week, on the 1st of February, Smokinya hosted a Photography Workshop lead by one of our volunteers. The participants walked around the city of Plovdiv and took pictures of the beautiful sights that could be captured during sunset.

The workshop started at the Tsar Simeon Garden, where the group took pictures of the singing fountains as well as the gorgeous trees in the garden. Everyone also took a group picture with setting sun in the background.

As the afternoon continued, the participants walked through the city until they reached Kapana, the artistic part of the town. Before the sun was completely gone, the group took some amazing pictures of the streets between the different restaurants and shops, guided by the lights in placed across the buildings.

The workshop came to an end when nighttime arrived, marking this as another successful club organized by Smokinya. If you want to join us in different workshops, activities and games, they’re hosted every Thursday by our team. So don’t be shy and join us !

Also check one of our participant’s photography account here for more amazing pictures, like the ones in this post !



Smokinya Club – Photography Workshop | Results