Future 3.0 – Environment, Community, Technology – Meet our new volunteer Gonçalo

Hello my name is Gonçalo, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Portugal. I’ve come to Plovdiv with the intention of growing as a person by experiencing a new culture, by meeting new people and by living a completely different lifestyle.

I’m a university student in Portugal, and decided to take this year to reflect on my life going forward. I’m a big fan of everything nerdy, be it games, anime/manga, sci-fi and board games, but I also love to go out with friends and just hanging outside from time to time. I really love movies and try to keep up with the current releases and also I’m a big fan of Rock and Jazz music, be it old school or more modern stuff. I love to bike, specially in mountains and outside the cities away from the people. I love photography as well, although I sadly don’t have a camera anymore, but i love to photograph nature and scenery. I’m also a big fan of Tapas, an Iberian meal you take in the afternoon basically consisting of varied snacks and beverages, a great way to talk and catch up with people.

I’ve chosen Bulgaria as my destination because I don’t really know a lot about the country as it’s at the opposite side of the continent from me and we don’t hear a lot about it. So far Plovdiv looks like a really small city but I really like that it feels relaxing and soothing, while still having everything one might need. I hope i can try all sorts of new things while in here, be it work related or just as a past time, and so far everyone has been very welcoming to me and i feel like I’ve made some good friends in the little time I’ve been here, so I can’t wait for what the year throws at me.

Um Abraço de Portugal.

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Future 3.0 – Environment, Community, Technology – Meet our new volunteer Gonçalo