Future 3.0 – Environment, Community, Technology – Meet our new volunteer Mohamed


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Hello everyone,

My name is Mohamed, I am 26 years old, I am from the Country of Pyramids yeah! as you said from EGYPT and coming to Plovdiv for one year volunteering and learning project at SMOKINYA FOUNDATION with European Solidarity Corps program. I am here to improve my personal and professional skills.

Well, I am from a city called Menoufia, in delta of Egypt approx. one hour from Cairo the Capital of Egypt. I have a bachelor degree in civil Engineering in addition to I am blogger and youtuber. During my studies in the university I started to think to do something new in my life not related to my study, and I have started to share some videos for high school students in Egypt and Arab region to help them to get high marks which allows them to join any field of study in the university stage (In Egypt students have to get high marks to join some faculties like Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, etc.) otherwise they have to apply for a private universities to study these fields and pay much money every year.

After some months I started to think about something new to share on my channel so, I started to share travel opportunities related to education e.g. scholarships, Internships, Fellowships, Youth exchanges, etc. with youth from Egypt and Arab region because some students can’t join some faculties in the university stage due to few grades and there are some scholarships to study for free around the world and such these things will be useful for students to study their favorite fields abroad or improve their skills in their fields by attending Internship or Training course abroad.

I was so excited to apply for some of these opportunities which I am sharing on my channel weekly and already I did that since I participated with United Nation Development Program (UNDP) in three fully funded events in Egypt, Lebanon and UAE about how to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 especially in the Field of Higher education and Environment.

After a big work on my YouTube channel I got more than 130,000 subscribers and this motivate me to expand my activity in this field Indeed I created a website for the same content to reach for more youth easier because some people don’t like to spend much time for watching a video on YouTube. Recently I Created new website in English because the previous one was in Arabic language since, the website in English this helped me to share more opportunities and reach to more people allover the world. One of the most popular opportunities which I Like to share always are Erasmus+ Projects and European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects because these opportunities have many benefits e.g., fully funded projects, no participation fee, Chance to improve your languages skills and develop your personal and professional skills. Fortunately, these opportunities are available for people outside Europe as well like me.

Why I decided to leave Egypt for one year?

Just some months of working in the field of engineering was enough for me to think again about what I am doing in my life because I found the current situation for working in Engineering in Egypt isn’t good and non rewarding job. So I decided to take a gab year and try to do something in reality related to my online work on the website and YouTube channel and the best choice for me was joining a long-term volunteering project with European Solidarity Corps program. One day I Found a post on Facebook about long-term volunteering project in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with SMOKINYA FOUNDATION then I checked the info-pack of the opportunity and decided to apply because I found there are many skills that I can develop and learn by participation in this project e.g., Time management, Critical thinking, problem solving, strategical planning, and much more.

After filling the application form, making an Interview, and submitting a video about my self, I had been selected to join this project and finally, I AM HERE IN PLOVDIV and I am happy to be here with SMOKINYA FOUNDATION. I am here from just 3 days ago and everything is doing well here friendly team, beautiful city, flexibility during the work and much more.

I will do my best this year with SMOKINYA team because I want to get strong experience in this field. I am planning to make many videos and vlogs about my experience here and share them on YouTube and another social media platforms to help students and fresh graduates around the world in discovering Erasmus+ and ESC projects. I will try to reach for 300,000 subscribers on my channel this year, I know it’s a big challenge for me but one of my mantras which I believe on it is “Everything you can imagine is a real”

I am preparing to study Master next year but still I am not sure about the field of studying but it will be in Management Engineering or Environmental Engineering. During this year I will decide is it possible for me to complete in the field of Youth as a youth worker with my Master or not. Let’s see what will happen in the next months but I am sure I will gain strong experience and skills from this project which help me to choose the best way for me at the end.

This program is co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps program of the European Union.

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Future 3.0 – Environment, Community, Technology – Meet our new volunteer Mohamed