The Balkan Highway: Final article – Vladan’s two cents


Hi there!
In a blink of an eye, the last moments of my ESC mobility appeared in front of me, and with them, a lot of memories, experiences, learnings, failures, successes, and most importantly takeaways were rounded up…

A year ago I took off on this journey and I need to say, it was unknown, unpredictable, unstable… Many un’s and umms brought also many yeeys and hoorays. What I want to say is that going through all this was worth it, and the future seems much more promising.

One thing that I had in mind all along was that keeping the mentality of a kid, proved to be the best way to solve everyday troubles and hustles that I experienced anyways. I want to take this with me to future endeavors and implement it in every single moment. Like really, think about it, when we are kids we are ready to try, to make mistakes, to learn, to experience, to discover. At some point, we just stop and we put an attitude of eternal knowledge.

Releasing this attitude is crucial for experiencing happiness in every aspect of everyday life. Sure, there are moments when enjoyment is not present, sure there is a lot of complicated things all around, sure there are obstacles, what is important is to activate inner kid and to let him explore, learn and FAIL, in order to succeed.

I want to give a huge thank you to all people which were part of this journey – fellow volunteers, mentors, coaches, trainers, youth workers, associates, friends, and all people out there which wake up in the morning with the goal of contributing to the better world, by doing small and simple actions, providing support and essentially being humans.
Solidarity matters more than ever, let’s cherish it and provide it no matter where we are or what are we doing.

Future brings new moments which we perceive as the present and keeping one eye on what’s coming while being determined and focused on executing in the present moment is something that gives me long-awaited stability.

Execute like there’s no tomorrow, strategize as there will be.

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The Balkan Highway: Final article – Vladan’s two cents