Meet new volunteer – Viki


Hello! My name is Viki, I am a 29-year-old social worker from Austria. I have studied Science of Education and Social work and now working in a child and youth welfare office in Austria. As social work is constantly evolving and further education is very important to me, I decided to take an education leave. For this time, I have chosen to attend the university course child and youth care, to be up to date with the latest knowledge in this field.

For private reasons I will stay most of my educational leave in Plovdiv. I am really interested in the youth work in Bulgaria and love to get an insight in this important field here in Plovdiv. I am looking forward to working with the wonderful international team at Smokinya Foundation and gaining many new insights into the organization and structuring of an NGO, as well as learning about Bulgarian culture and language.

Additionally, I would like to expand my project management skills and my knowledge about social media. I am also open to deal with new topics and discuss them with the other internationals. I am looking forward to exciting and challenging months and many valuable and interesting experiences. I am convinced that my stay abroad will improve my personal skills as wells as my professional working competences. I am ready for it :- )

Meet new volunteer – Viki