“EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave” – Meet new volunteer Valentina

Hello! I am Valentina and I am 27 years old. I come from Perugia, in the centre of Italy. I arrived few days ago in Plovdiv for the ESC project “EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave” at the Smokinya Foundation.

I have just come back from a one-year-volunteer experience in Albania with an Italian NGO when I decided to apply for the European Solidarity Corps, as my friend suggested me. Then, I started to find a project that match with my backgrounds and my skills and I have found “EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave”. I spent the summer at home and, the 30th September, I took my suitcases and I flew to Bulgaria for this new experience.

What is the reason that I want to volunteer abroad? I like travelling and I am curious: I want to know different cultures and this is the perfect place, considering that there are volunteers who comes from all over the Europe. I am here also to improve myself, my personal attitudes and professional skills.
In this early days the most difficult challenge is understand the Bulgarian, with its Cyrillic alphabet, but I hope to learn the alphabet and some words as soon as possible.
I hope that this will be a great experience: a new “chapter” has started and I am here to live it fully and with enthusiasm.

This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ / European Solidarity Corps program of the European Union.


“EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave” – Meet new volunteer Valentina