Once in a lifetime – Loïs reflection


Already 6 months that I left my native country, France. First time in my life that I left, like this, for an adventure in another country, with only one idea in mind: change my life! I choose Smokinya Foundation and Bulgaria, or should I say they choose me, and I can say after these few months, yes, my life has changed.

Arrived in January 2020, with my professional background and determined to make others benefit from it, I quickly realized that it was mainly me who was going to take advantage and learn a lot from all the people I was going to meet, friends, colleagues, locals, each encounter is a benefit.

My debut at Smokinya Foundation as a volunteer, was, first of all, centered on listening and adapting, as I have several years of experience in a totally different working world, with another language I had to adapt to new ways of working, I can say that after a few months the language barrier has disappeared and I have found a serene and productive workspace in which I am totally fulfilled,

Working with an international team is a real opportunity, a source of knowledge, in which I feel good and useful for the youth and the community. Being the link between several associations across Europe to offer many opportunities to young people is really rewarding. Through the events I organized as a volunteer in Smokinya, I was able to meet several people, always enriching encounters.

Today I am doing my best to put my mark in the activities of Smokinya by bringing my personal touch in the events workshops that we propose and organize like the Smokinya Club in which I put a lot of enthusiasm, or even take part in an event with many countries in Europe to take action together in a same time for the Planet, to allow the local people to develop, learn and grow personally. Thanks to Smokinya Foundation I had the chance to live an incredible day in the biggest Roma neighborhood in Europe!

After 6 months my personal goal for the future is clearer, staying in the international environment and working with and for young people is a dream. Helping them to develop giving them help, support and knowledge is exactly what I want to dedicate my life to.

To achieve all this I could count on all my team Kalda, Vladan, Tisho, and Sipi, a tolerant and benevolent team in which you quickly integrate, and which pushes you to always give the best that respects all words and all thoughts that one can have.

Now I will use the remaining 6 months to continue learning more about myself and what I am capable of! Until next time,
Hugs, Loïs

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Once in a lifetime – Loïs reflection