‘Bulgarian love-story’ – Article by Kalda

“Be the change, you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

In my opinion volunteering is an opportunity that allows you to do what you want to do the most, get pleasure from this work and yes, to be the change, that you want to see in the world.

It’s already 8th month that I am in Bulgaria and I think, Bulgaria and especially Plovdiv has something magical, something magnetic, which will always bring you back. What is the most important for me is the hospitality and the kind people, what makes me feel like home.

Winter was the most challenging for me because of pandemic, restrictions. The days seemed so long to me, that I thought, winter would never end. There was some changes in our organisation, two new volunteers were added to our team during the winter, but three volunteers completed their project and left Bulgaria.
After the cold, rainy and windy days, spring came and almost all the restrictions were removed, which allowed me to get involved in various activities and meet many good people.

We organized some events online, for example: poetry evening and “how is volunteering life under lockdown”, we gather volunteers from all across Bulgaria. We had workshops about how to make Martenitsas (Bulgarian traditional two dolls, which marks the beginning of spring in Bulgaria) and we collected Martenitsas for early born children hospital in Sofia. Now we have offline events, we have documentary movie screening every month in our cozy café. French event, some workshops of recycling and how to make wallets from milk, juice boxes and how to make lip balm from environmentally friendly products. We participated in several cleaning events, as well to take care of our planet and increase awareness in terms of environmental pollution.

I managed to go in different places in Bulgaria, but there are still a lot of things to see, I hope until I am here I will be able to see most beautiful places in Bulgaria. I like authentic Bulgarian architecture, which is quiet similar and different at the same time, across Bulgaria. Beautiful nature and big green forests.

I started learning Bulgarian, because I want to have more communication with the locals and get to know the Bulgarian culture better.
I find some similarities between Georgia and Bulgaria, some words are almost the same. Also traditional Bulgarian dish Banitsa is quite similar to Georgian Achma and Rakia which is also similar to Georgian alcohol Chacha.

And in the end, i want to say, that Bulgaria gives me a lot of experience, helps me to collect good memories and people who come and go, but some of them will stay forever. I am thankful for everyone, because I learned something from each of them.

‘Bulgarian love-story’ – Article by Kalda