Smokinya Foundation presents – VideoMaking WorkShop

  • Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a video that you just don’t have time to make?
  • Are you curious to learn or improve your video making or editing skills?
  • Are you interested to improve working in a team & having fun while working on something that makes you excited and passionate?
  • Maybe you just want to have fun times doing something different than usually?

We have made this workshop for you!

What we are going to do ?

We will start small and grow big, start with photos and end up with a huge video (huge or not so huge – everything’s up to you).
We will learn to give and receive feedback, form efficient teams, act and react quickly, work fast and work while taking care of ourselves and having fun while learning. Pitching our ideas and creating something that we believe in.

This workshop is beneficial for people of any level of experience in video making, practice is what makes perfect and even if you are a video making god – you will learn something about working in close contact with people, work on your communication skills and leadership skills.

So – vloggers, video gurus, professionals or rookies and n00bs welcome to collaborate and create something impactful together. Because we learn by doing. We learn by exploring and we learn by communicating and searching for the best solutions.

The training is split into 4 weekends. Every weekend we will do something new, but to follow the progression of the training and keep the work in teams we strongly suggest to attend all the workshop days. If you wish to join later or join separate days, please state so in the application form and we will see how it fits the program.

Apply by filling in the form: Application form


15th – 16th of February
22nd – 23rd of February
29th of February – 1st of March
7th – 8th of March

Place: Smokinya office / 12 Nikola Mihaylov Str., 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria

About us:

Agi – I have made this training to have fun myself and to let people have fun while doing something very creative and inspiring.
I have participated in this training two times – as a participant, as team member and now I want to deliver the training to others, because it was amazing!

In the team we have
Agi – with passion for creative expression, having fun and planning stuff,
Veso – with his mad video making skills aka Video God and
Aleks – with motivation, energy and power to calm down any havoc.

To support this training and everyone involved we ask for a little donation for every day of the training of any amount or paper money.
Money shouldn’t be a reason for not joining, so if you have any troubles financing your participation / donating to us, let us know and we’ll agree on some other way that you can help us make this happen.

This training promotes frugal way of video making or Guerilla video-making – using any equipment you have at hand – phones, duct tapes, towels and whateevaaa.

The workshop is based on Erasmus+ training lead by Panagiotis Mamouzakis and is lead by fans and enthusiasts of this E+ training program, spreading the knowledge sharing the experience!

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This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme to support education, training, youth and sport in of the European Union.

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Smokinya Foundation presents – VideoMaking WorkShop