Marking tourist pathway – follow-up activity, Bulgaria


Follow-up activity of Closer to nature – close to my potential – Training course in Czech Republic

Smokinya Foundation is happy and privileged that Closer to nature – close to my potential project had another meaningful follow-up.
That was a weekend in Central Balkan Mountain and more about it you can read below from the report and output provided by one of the organizing team:

The marking of a route in the Bulgarian mountains.

On Oct 8th and 9th a group of volunteers together with children from institutions, deprived of parental care, went to the Central Balkan mountain and led by an official guide from the national park directorate marked the route from Anton village to the first shelter on the road to Benkovski hut.
The time we spent in the mountains was really valuable in many different ways. First of all we were outdoors, in nature, in the beautiful setting of autumn. The colours around us that brought up the association of a burning fire warmed up our hearts in the cold weather and were pleasure to look at. Moreover, children were so happy, enthusiastic and careful while painting the marks. They put a lot of effort into it and as there was hardly any marking before us they could really feel like they were doing something meaningful and important. When we reached the final point of our destination we had a delicious mountain lunch, cooked on fire. The children themselves took an active part in gathering wood for the fire and helping prepare the food. On the way we played different get-to-know-each-other games to encourage the kids to initiate conversations with the volunteers.

The outdoor weekend was really motivational for the people engaged in it. The children made their first steps in the world of volunteering and were really satisfied with their work. In the future we will engage them in more volunteering activities in order to help them become more responsible and empathetic. As for adults, we embraced the possibility to not only spend time in the mountains, but be useful for the others after us. We are planning to continue with the marking, once the weather is more stable and suitable for this activity.

All credit for this event goes for the team of participants in the Closer to nature – close to my potential project, Czech Republic. They had the idea, they planned the details, found support and realized it.

Тази инициатива е в резултат на проект финансиран от програма Еразъм+. Маркирането на част от туристическия маршрут от с. Антон в посока х. Бенковски се явява последваща дейност за разпространение на резултатите и споделяне на добри практики в сферата на младежките дейности и неформалното образование в Европа.
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Marking tourist pathway – follow-up activity, Bulgaria