Non-formal Education benefits – article


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Non-formal education has a sustainable impact on individuals and their community. Self-confidence, empowerment, employability and inclusion are only some of the outcomes that experts have determined as highly beneficial for those who participate in youth work activities as well as for society as a whole.

International Youth Work Benefits Employability

A group of German researchers has examined the effects of international youth activities on the participants’ subsequent career paths. Their study confirms the continuing importance of fostering international collaboration in the field of youth: International youth activities increased the participants’ social and virtual mobility. As they already gained experiences abroad, they were inclined to extend these experiences later in their lives. Moreover, those who were enrolled in vocational training at the time of the activity became more secure speaking with customers and expanded their subsequent job applications to companies in other countries. In return, having spent time abroad made the participants more appealing to potential employers. An impressive proportion stated that their experiences had boosted their self-confidence, which empowered them and was beneficial for their professional career.

Erasmus+ Youth in Action: Impact on Inclusion

The SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre asked the University of Innsbruck to analyse how Youth in Action impacts inclusion across Europe, based on data from the reports of the European research network RAY. The researchers discovered that youngsters with fewer opportunities particularly benefit from mobility projects. What is more, projects that focus on inclusion are overall quite effective in terms of their social impact. As participants are encouraged to question situations of disadvantage, they can develop a sense of fairness and injustice, which in return impacts their behaviour in everyday life.

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Non-formal Education benefits – article