Future 3.0 – Environment, Community, Technology – Meet our new volunteer Andrés Linde


My name is Andrés but everyone calls me Linde (my second name) I am from Spain (pealla, toros, olé) and I will be working as a European Solidarity Corp Volunteer in Plovdiv for a year. My age is 26 and I consider myself a natural person who enjoys playing basketball, traveling, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. I’m here to learn about new limits and get ready for the next step.

I grew up in Jaén a small city in Andalucia, one of the best places in the world. Located in the northeast part of Andalucia, Jaén is a really cozy city with about 120,000 residents. It is interesting to note that Jaén has one of the highest concentrations of castles and fortifications in Europe. Moreover is the capital of the Oil Olive Virgen Extra due to its lands there are more that 77 million of Olives with a unthinkable quality.


I studied double bachelor degree in Law and Bussiness Management and I spent one year on Erasmus in Warsaw, Poland. Finally, I focused my professional carrer on human resources because I like to work directly with people. For this reason, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Management and Leadership of Human Resources in 2021.

I worked in different companies for about a year and a half, but I radically quit because I was tired of routine. I changed my life and went to France to work in grape harvesting, which was a fantastic experience where I met many people from all over Europe. When I was done with that, I was sure I wanted to continue working in an international environment, so I decided to apply to the Smokinya Foundation.

Why Smokinya?

I have experience in human resources in tasks as recruitment, training and education, so I thought it would be a great idea to join Smokinya to develop my professional skills in this field in addition to in an international environment. This project will give me the opportunity to gain confidence and be able to do anything. Moreover it is a great chance to improve my English skills and Bulgarian language (I’m scared!).

Also, a location like Bulgaria, Plovdiv is a plus because I like to know new cultures and this country is so far from Spain. I can’t wait to see the entire city as well as mountains, rivers, rural villages and the entire Bulgarian paradise!

At the moment, this is my first week and everything is going incredibly well, thanks to the Smokinya Team and the people of Plovdiv. I am really ready for this challenge and I am excited to see how this crazy adventure continues.

Let’s go!
Andrés Linde

This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ / European Solidarity Corps program of the European Union.

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Future 3.0 – Environment, Community, Technology – Meet our new volunteer Andrés Linde