“EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave” – Meet new volunteer Igor.


Hi, my name is Igor, I am 26 years old, and I am from Russia, or rather from far Siberia. As foreigners say Siberia is a very cold part of Russia, and I can say that they are absolutely right. What am I doing in Bulgaria, namely in Plovdiv? What brought me here was my desire to be useful to people, the development of all kinds of skills, the practice of languages, and meeting new people. I am also very interested in learning a new culture, new traditions and learning everything about how people live abroad.


My journey as a volunteer began in my school years. Then we prepared various events for local youth, were engaged in cleaning the banks of rivers and lakes from garbage. I was also Engaged in charity work. Thanks to volunteering at a young age, I realized that communicating with people, seeing their joy on their face after each event makes me happy. But after graduating from school, my volunteer path slowed down a bit, because volunteering for adults in Russia, and especially in small towns, is not as developed as in Europe, for example. And that’s why last year I decided that I wanted to be an international volunteer and started looking for such opportunity. The European Solidarity Corps has become this opportunity. Smokinya took me under her wing. After spending not even much time in this organization, or rather three days, I can say that I made the right choice.
I hope this year will be useful for both of us. And I want to say that volunteering is a great way to try something new, learn new things, expand your worldview.

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“EntrepreneurSHIP – Grab on your wave” – Meet new volunteer Igor.